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Open for business
Under Gov. Jim Geringer's "open for business' philosophy, the methane gas industry faces little regulation in Wyoming.
Locked out of the public lands
In Wyoming, hunters and ORVers rally to protest the way that newly arrived corporate ranchers and rich people are blocking traditional areas of access to public lands.
Book says cows don't belong on most BLM lands
Prof. Debra Donahue's book, "The Western Range Revisited: Removing Livestock from Public Lands to Conserve Native Biodiversity," has infuriated Wyoming ranchers.
A prof takes on the sacred cow
At the University of Wyoming, Prof. Debra Donahue's book, "The Western Range Revisited," with its criticism of grazing, has provoked fury among ranchers and raised questions about academic freedom.
Proulx shoots holes in mythic Wyoming
Annie Proulx's new book, "Close Range: Wyoming Stories," has displeased some Wyoming residents by its gritty, unflattering look at what lies under the surface of the cowboy mythology of the state.
Rancher stonewalls an agency
Rancher Wright Dickenson's overgrazed Pine Mountain allotment in southern Wyoming is at the center of a dispute between the BLM and the National Wildlife Federation.
Wyoming's Red Desert: 15 million acres of contention
A possible oil and gas boom in Wyoming's Red Desert has environmentalists scrambling to mitigate the impacts without totally alienating local oil and gas workers.
Irony piles on irony in Wyoming
A proposed private-federal land swap designed to preserve Wyoming's Spring Gulch Ranch raises controversy and charges of elitism.
Ranchers protect land in Wyoming
The Nature Conservancy buys Pete Widener ranch near Wyoming's Big Horn Mountains.
Wyoming boom could gas wildlife herds
A boom in natural gas drilling in Wyoming is happening too fast for wildlife.
Old guard may beat new chief
Retired U.S. forest Service Supervisor Tom Kovalicky gives speech warning of agency backlash and resistance to change.
Can this mixed marriage work?
Bob Budd will manage Red Canyon Ranch for The Nature Conservancy.
Ranchers block public land in Wyoming
Ranchers block hunter access to a federal grazing allotment in Wyoming despite a BLM mandate.
Corporate muscles flex in Wyoming
Environmentalists build a coalition to protect their interests in the Wyoming Legislature.
Wyoming tribes lose again in court
The Wyoming Supreme Court has rejected a plea to reconsider its 3-2 ruling that restricts the Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone tribes' use of "future" water and makes the state the administrator of federal reserved-water rights.
A game ranching bill in Wyoming pits landowners against hunters
The jerry-built system of wildlife management on a mix of state-owned, federal and private lands is under pressure from private landowners.
Bridger-Teton forest plan is very flexible
It's 10 inches thick, weighs 12 pounds and will do just about anything you want it to. That malleability, according to observers, is the major weakness of the 1,800-page proposed plan for western Wyoming's Bridger-Teton National Forest.
L-P breaks through at Union Pass
A high-altitude standoff over construction of a national forest road gave the impression to some that a Pinedale District Ranger took orders from Louisiana-Pacific rather than from his own higher-ups in the Bridger-Teton National Forest.
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