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River stretch ignites a fight
Washington Sen. Patty Murray seeks to protect the stretch of the Columbia River that flows through the Hanford Nuclear Reservation - known as the Hanford Reach - as a wild and scenic river, but many locals object.
Radioactive waste from Hanford is seeping toward the Columbia
Two whistleblowers - safety auditor Casey Ruud and geophysicist John Brodeur - find that radioactive waste from some of the biggest, leaking storage tanks has already reached groundwater and is heading toward the Columbia River.
A cover-up over fallout?
The National Cancer Institute has been sitting on a study that says up to 72,000 people - many living far from nuclear bomb test sites in Nevada - may have been exposed to dangerous amounts of radiation in the 1950s.
Radiation experiments raise ethical questions
Controversy continues to surround Dr. C. Alvin Paulsen's experiments on Washington State Penitentiary inmates.
Hanford's pollution is spreading
In 45 years of bomb production at Hanford, nuclear wastes have escaped into the environment from plant stacks, leaking tanks, ditches and deep injection wells. Contaminated groundwater is now reaching the Columbia River on the reservation's northern and eastern perimeters.
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