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Weighing artifacts against gold
The BLM orders a two-year moratorium on a cyanide heap-leach gold mine planned by Glamis Imperial Corp. for land in California near Yuma, Ariz., that the Quechan Indians say is sacred.
A peculiar fish gets a second chance
The Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks hopes to restore the disappearing fluvial Arctic grayling to five rivers in the state.
Wolves get no welcoming party
In Washington state, Republican Sen. Slade Gorton is the primary obstacle to wolves ever being reintroduced to Olympic National Park.
Fee fighters blast the Adventure Pass
In Southern California, recreation user-fee opponents are fighting the Forest Service's new "Adventure Pass."
Recreation doesn't cut it
A study of Clark County, Idaho, shows that tourism may not be enough to keep suffering rural economies afloat when timber and mining industries pull out of an area.
'Duck cops' ruffle feathers
Many law enforcement agents at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service say their program is corrupt, understaffed and underfunded.
Opening lines of communication
Activist Elizabeth Tenney has founded a free electronic service, the Eastern Sierra Agenda Network, to help keep locals informed about area environmental issues.
Less climbing to the top
Some Oregon hikers are opposed to Mount Hood National Forest officials' proposal to drastically reduce the number of people allowed on 20 of the forest's most popular trails.
Nuclear waste goes camping
Rocky Flats is running out of room to store the nuclear debris that is being cleaned up on the former bomb-making factory outside Denver.
Gold mine capsizes in Westwater Canyon
Rafters and environmentalists rejoice because the federal government orders the removal of Ron Pene's controversial gold mine in Utah's Westwater Canyon.
Bison ranch in the balance
A bison ranch described as a "biological hotspot" that lies next to the Grand Sand Dunes National Monument in Colorado could be sold to developers if The Nature Conservancy can't come up with the money to buy it.
Land deal links desert parks
A California land trust will help put 500,000 acres of land linking Joshua Tree National Park and the Mojave National Preserve into public ownership.
Are salmon bear essentials?
Some biologists say that the decline of salmon in the Northwest has drastically altered the diet of the region's grizzly bears.
Here comes a wayward wolf
A wandering wolf sighted in northeastern Oregon's Blue Mountains will be recaptured and returned to central Idaho, where she was originally released into the wild.
Toxic cleanup turns up frogs
Endangered red-legged frogs have taken up residence in a toxic-waste dump near Santa Maria, Calif.
Pipe down!
A new group called Quiet Use Coalition is trying to restrict motorized access to Colorado's Pike and San Isabel national forests, so other recreationists can enjoy some peace and quiet.
Are snowmobiles overpowering parks?
Sixty environmental groups are petitioning the Interior Department to ban snowmobiles from the 30 national parks where they are presently allowed.
Where will the waste wind up?
Project opponents, including the state of Nevada, object to the Department of Energy's assessment that high-level nuclear waste can soon be stored at Yucca Mountain.
Starry, starry night
The New Mexico Historic Preservation Alliance has declared the night sky one of the 11 most endangered places in the state, and Chaco Culture National Historic Park is leading the way in changing its lighting habits to prevent light pollution.
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