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The Far East yearns for the wild West
The Wild West lives on in a distinctly Eastern way at Western Village in Imaichi, Japan, sister city of Rapid City, S.D.
The Far East yearns for the Wild West
The writer visits an Old West theme park in Japan and compares it to theme parks close to his home in South Dakota
You can't plant a prairie
Prairie advocates like Jim Stubbendieck are trying to restore sodbusted land and replant prairies, a task they acknowledge may be almost impossible
The Greening of the Plains
A conservation movement is stirring on the Great Plains, but local farmers are stuck with a harsh reality: It still pays to plow up virgin prairie
Jetboats stir up the Frank
Jetboats and planes could increase in the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness, ignoring three illegal hunting lodges along the Salmon River. George Nickas of Montana-based Wilderness Watch has appealed the new management plan, saying the largest
Looking for the curve on the Great Plains
The writer has mixed feelings about repopulating the Great Plains
Whose thousand words?
Print the Legend: Photography and the American West by Martha Sandweiss takes a hard and thoughtful look at the historical uses of photography in the West
Gas wells wash out habitat
Environmental scientist James Gore warns that the water that coalbed methane wells pours into streams could wipe out up to 30 aquatic species in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming and Montana
Getting high in class
Bruce Gordon started his nonprofit EcoFlight in Aspen, Colo., to take kids out of the classroom and let them see environmental issues from above, in his Cessna 210
State struggling to keep up with CBM
A state task force says pollution regulations for coalbed methane wells are severely under-enforced in Wyoming
Logging faces new pollution controls
A recent court ruling and a new California law could curtail stream pollution by the logging industry
Bee kind, please redesign
The Pollinator Conservation Handbook offers advice about what ordinary citizens can do to help save declining native pollinator insects, like bees and butterflies
Activists raise a stink over outhouse
In Nevada, the county-rights activists of the Jarbidge Shovel Brigade clash with the Forest Service over the cleanup of an outhouse on the closed South Canyon Road
Park expansion threatened
In South Dakota, Wind Cave National Park has been trying to purchase the neighboring Casey Ranch, but approval of the sale has stalled in Congress, and now the ranch is for sale on the open market
Gas drilling blamed for smog
Scientists say that oil and gas drilling is responsible for creating high levels of smog-forming hydrocarbons in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, New Mexico and Colorado
A bright spot for illegal workers
The proposed Agricultural Jobs, Opportunity, Benefits and Security Act of 2003 would give legal residency to about a half-million undocumented immigrant farmworkers
National monument back under attack
In Utah, Kane and Garfield county commissioners escalate their fight against Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, demanding the reduction of funding and staff and the demotion of monument manager Dave Hunsaker
Dear Friends
New interns Pua Mench and Josh Garrett-Davis; Redlodge Clearinghouse; Visitors from afar
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