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2012 in numbers
The author tries to save the world from doom by listing important energy and climate figures
Portlandia, Utah?
Concealed weapons at the University of Colorado
What's the matter with New Mexico
The Land of Enchantment's economy is in the dumps, and the fiscal cliff will hit hard
Salazar's horse sensitivity
Election crazies in Arizona
The End is nigh (or at least it's really dry)
An update on the drought situation in the West
A new measure of poverty shifts rankings in the West
A new measure of poverty shifts rankings in the West
When determining who is poor, the Census Bureau takes geography into account in its Supplemental Poverty Measure.
When deer attack dogs
A cautionary tale about canine and wildlife interactions
Cementing demand for coal
In Southwestern Colorado a coal mine owned by a Mexican cement company thrives
The water project that wouldn't die
The Animas-La Plata project in southwestern Colorado nears completion, 70 years after it started
Coal production and employment in two regions
Annual share of fossil fuel-fired electric power generation, 1950-2012
Economics, not environmental regs, are battering coal power
Economics, not environmental regs, are battering coal power
If King Coal wants a boost, it should go after "Drill Baby Drill."
King Coal is still King
Peabody Energy will cut 1,000 jobs, but it is not because of hard times.
How the Mormon GOP runs Utah with a collectivist touch
How the Mormon GOP runs Utah with a collectivist touch
One of the most conservative states in the nation has built one of the healthiest economies not with purely laissez-faire policies, but with a dose of federal dollars and central planning.
Is the Western growth machine coming out of its coma?
Home prices show signs of recovery in Phoenix, but hopes for a return to boom times are delusional
Collectivists for Christ!
Collectivists for Christ!
While the media tends to paint Mormons with a uber-capitalist brush, the church's roots are actually planted in an almost Marxist theory of equal distribution of wealth.
Western economies at a glance
Western economies at a glance
How the Western states are doing in various economic indicators
This rich Republican Mormon spreads the wealth
Marriner S. Eccles, a prominent Utah banker and businessman, helped build the foundation for the New Deal
Drilling into the data
A few charts show the decline of the natural gas industry in Colorado
Bobcat kittens fall in love with firefighters
And Portland toilet dedications
Fraudulent corn robberies
And Las Vegas bull escapes
OPEC invades Hollywood!
The Heritage Foundation exposes a sinister, Arab nation-funded plot, that uses Matt Damon to destroy America's energy industry
Brigham Young the enlightened one
The "American Moses" may have been a theocratic, autocratic zealot, but he had his moments
The great New Mexican juniper massacre
The great New Mexican juniper massacre
On public land in New Mexico, firewood-hunters have illegally cut down hundreds of old-growth juniper trees, much to the dismay of the Bureau of Land Management and environmental activists.
Bloodsuckers in California
Also, Russian wildland terrorists and ground squirrel invaders
Is Lake Powell really shrinking?
Drought has dealt a blow to the reservoir, but it's not drying up yet
Dark days for bovines
And for prairie dogs, too
Romney energy plan more of the same
The GOP presidential candidate becomes the gajillionth politician to tout energy independence
The two-wheeled stimulus plan
Can a big bike race make up for the loss of revenue in fire- and recession-battered towns?
Help us cover the New New West
We need your on-the-ground observations for our "communities in transition" beat
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