Items by Jon Christensen

Nevada Test Site protesters hear it in Kazakh
When 2,500 anti-nuclear protesters came here to vex the Nevada Test Site early in January, probably the last thing they expected was a lecture on democracy from their Soviet counterparts in the peace movement.
The land no one wanted
The Western Shoshone look homeward to Ruby Valley, Nevada.
Sagebrush Rebels try to call the shots in Nevada
A corner of Nevada is the last stronghold of the Sagebrush Rebels -- the group that sought to transfer public land into private hands in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
Dying Nevada town bets its last bucks on a speculative power plant
In Wells, Nevada, local residents would gladly trade the fresh air for jobs.
Will Las Vegas drain rural Nevada?
The city's boom could come to a screeching halt in as little as four years unless Las Vegas gets more water.
Reno turns back to the river
Photographer Peter Goin wants to create disturbing images of Reno and the Truckee River so that viewers will be moved to change things.
Call 1-800-SABOTAGE
Ranchers in Nevada stand guard against vandalism from radical environmentalists. Has the confrontation hurt or helped the push for better land stewardship?
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