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Planning under the gun: Cleaning up Lake Tahoe proves to be a dirty business
Is the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency going to clean up beleaguered Lake Tahoe and its surroundings - or simply drive a wedge between the elite and the working class in the community?
Dave Foreman sparks wilderness drive
Dave Foreman and the Wildlands Project map an ambitious "wilderness vision" for the Great Basin.
The shotgun wedding of tourism and public lands
The first Western Summit on Tourism and Public Lands shows the Clinton administration seeking a political and economic alliance with the West's growing tourist industry.
Two reports set the stage for Sierra Nevada's future
Reviews of "Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Project Report" and "Sierra Nevada Wealth Index."
Everyone helps a California forest - except the Forest Service
The Quincy Library Group of Plumas County, Calif., has won much approval nationally and yet finds itself having to battle the Forest Serivce on its own ground.
Talking ranching through its bleakest hour
Hudson Glimp of the University of Nevada's College of Agriculture seeks to create "sustainable agreement" in public-lands grazing.
Essayist Ann Ronald and photographer Stephen Trimble celebrate Nevada in the book "Earthtones: A Nevada Album."
...and the words from the meaning on the Nevada range
The "war of words," started by wise users and taken up by environmentalists, needs to end in a truce and a turn to non-violent language.
Guy Pence leaves Nevada
The Forest Service reassigns District Ranger Guy Pence to Boise, Idaho, following two bombings in Carson City, Nev.
'All of us feel we don't have ...'
Bonnie Whalen, a ranch-raised computer supervisor who works for the Forest Service in Elko, Nev., talks about the changes in her community.
Nevada's most rebellious
Nye County Commissioner and wise-use leader Dick Carver talks about the Sagebrush Rebellion in Nevada. Nye County rancher and wise-use leader Wayne Hage offers his view of the Sagebrush Rebellion.
'As long as people are breaking the law ...'
Forest Service Supervisor Jim Nelson talks about the violence that has followed his agency's crackdown on illegal grazing.
'The hate in our country is reminiscent of Nazi Germany'
Forest Service District Ranger Guy Pence talks about the bombings of his office and van in Carson City.
Nevada’s ugly tug-of-war
A writer tours the heart of the Sagebrush Rebellion - Elko County, Nev. - and talks to people on both sides of the struggle.
Mining reform might sneak back
Negotiations over reform of the 1872 Mining Law proceed quietly in the U.S. Senate.
Forest Service bombed in Nevada
A bomb damages the Toiyabe Forest Service office in Carson City, Nevada.
At home in the wasteland
The Great Basin is changing from within and becoming a more environmentally enlightened place.
Surprises of Sovereignty
Three tribes, the Pyramid Lake Paiutes, the Fort Mojave Tribe and the Skull Valley Goshutes, follow different paths toward sovereignty and economic development.
No final solutions for farmers
Environmentalists, irrigators and Indians battle over water in Nevada's Lahontan Valley.
A tale of two ranches
Two Nevada ranching families are worlds apart in their attitudes toward managing the land.
After the gold rush
Mining companies begin to change their ways to survive.
Elko is halfway home
Elko has outgrown its image of "the best small town of America."
Salt Lake City: Is this still the place?
Some Salt Lake residents worry that the world is coming too quickly to their "kingdom."
Learning from Las Vegas
Las Vegas continues to grow and change as tourists, gamblers and workers flock to town.
Activist seeks a green, just Nevada
Activist Bob Fulkerson...
Folk hero has a pure white vision
Cecil Garland fights the MX missile.
County commissioner courts bloodshed
County Commissioner Dick Carver...
A bitter rancher and a failed compromise
Nevada's Great Basin National Park was founded on an uneasy compromise between grazing and preservation.
Scientists search for biological treasures
Nevada is one of the top 10 states for both biological diversity and vulnerability, scientists say.
The Great Basin: America's wasteland seeks a new identity
The Great Basin has often been seen as a wasteland, but now new visions are defining the region.
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