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WPPSS, there goes another billion
The Washington Public Power Supply System continued to shudder toward total collapse when formal default was recently declared on $2.25 billion in bonds issued to finance construction of two now-terminated nuclear power plants.
Timber defaults threaten Northwest
Senators from Idaho, Washington and Oregon have joined forces to try to head off a massive default on timber sale contracts which some timber industry experts say could wipe out as much as 25 percent of the lumber production capacity in Oregon and Northern California alone.
Washington nuke plant has unsafe welds
A welding engineer with the Washington Public Power Plant Supply System says the plant has structural problems that could cause costly delays.
A bias toward the public land
We aren't wholly controlled by economic and scientific laws. There are spiritual values that people have and share and that they sometimes act to preserve.
Northwest nuclear future is all in the past
When the board of directors of the Washington Public Power Supply System voted unanimously to stop construction of their nuclear power projects 4 and 5, they sent a message to other utilities: There's no such thing as electricity too cheap to meter.
Energy conservation versus power plant construction
The Bonneville Power Administration may preside over the most ambitious federally mandated energy conservation and public power development program in the nation.
Tuning in media causes environmental fade-out
Given the press of time and circumstances, the vocabulary of environmental organizations increasingly reflects a new technological style.
Environmental sophistry imperils the West
Several years ago, environmental organizations in Wyoming chose to begin making compromises. Slowly, inexorably, they are losing whatever it is they love.
Wyoming passes siting, land use bills
Bart Koehler, the director of the Wyoming Outdoor Council and the Wyoming Citizens Lobby, put in the long hours to push two key bills through Wyoming's legislature.
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