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Dogs to sniff out grizzly numbers
Zoology professor David Wasser uses dogs to sniff out bear scat in Washington's North Cascade Mountains to help determine how many grizzly bears live there.
Billboards blast bomb industries
The Los Alamos Study Group, a nonprofit focused on nuclear disarmament, has put up five billboards on I-25 in New Mexico that criticize the state's dependence on the nuclear weapons industry.
Wild in the city
"Wild in the City: A Guide to Portland's Natural Areas," edited by Michael Houck and M.J. Cody, gathers maps, site guides, and essays celebrating the city's wildlife and preserved landscapes.
Get artsy in the parks
The National Park Service's Artist-in-Residence program invites artists, writers and musicians to live and work in some of the West's most beautiful national parks.
Where cultures collide
The Four Rivers Cultural Center in Ontario, Ore., houses one of the best cultural and historical centers in the West.
Migrating with the monarchs
Robert Michael Pyle's book, "Chasing Monarchs: Migrating with the Butterflies of Passage," follows the colorful insects from Canada, down to Mexico, and back up to the California coast on their amazing yearly migration.
Shakespeare in Montana
Montana State University's Shakespeare in the Park program brings plays to little towns across the state.
Not just sheepherders
Nancy Zubiri's book, "A Travel Guide to Basque America - families, feasts and festivals," is a passionate and well-researched guide to Basque culture in the Great Basin area.
Wolves have friend in Washington
Washington's Congressman Norm Dicks is pushing for the reintroduction of wolves in his district's Olympic National Park.
Oregon governor says volunteers can save coho
Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber lands $30 million to try to restore the coho salmon without having to list the fish as endangered.
Severed at the hip
A Wilderness Society report shows that Western rural communities are not dependent on the extractive use of nearby public lands.
Idaho says no to grizzlies
The Idaho Fish and Game Commission opposes the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's plan to restore grizzly bears to the state.
Renegade county gets a makeover
Washington's property-rights rebel, Chelan County, undergoes a turnaround when voters throw out one of two anti-planning commissioners and elect two political centrists instead.
El Lobo to return
Mexican gray wolves will be introduced in two locations in Arizona and New Mexico this fall.
Rein in those planes
The "Citizen's Guide to Opposing Military Airspace Expansion" gives practical advice.
County trashes waste plan
Residents of Elmore County, Idaho, are upset by plans to put the state's largest landfill in their backyard.
Judge tells EPA to hurry up in Idaho
Judge William Dwyer orders Idaho and the EPA to develop clean-up plans for 962 polluted rivers, streams and lakes.
Boise braces for floods
Boise residents acquire sandbags in expectation of a bad flood season.
Water, water everywhere and not a drop to adjudicate
Rachael Paschal of the Center for Environmental Law and Policy tries to convince Washington state that there is not enough water for everyone who wants it.
Where the wolves are
The wolves reintroduced in Idaho are thriving, and may reach the recovery goal of 10 breeding pairs before the wolves in Yellowstone.
How we did them in
"The Northwest Salmon Crisis: A Documentary History" edited by Joseph Cone and Sandy Ridlington is reviewed.
Proposed hatchery breeds conflict
The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife's plan to build the $4 million Grandy Creek steelhead hatchery faces stiff opposition from fishing groups, scientists and conservationists.
Salmon find a friend
Republican Gov. Tony Knowles of Alaska joins an environmental lawsuit fighting Columbia and Snake River dams in the Northwest to save endangered salmon.
Behemoth sturgeon struggle to survive
Dams and fishing have almost destroyed the Snake River's giant white sturgeon.
Wetlands program wasn't
Study shows that mitigation projects in Oregon destroyed more wetlands than they created.
Idaho's unsettling sediment
Government study shows Idaho's Lake Coeur d'Alene contaminated by mining sediments.
Flawed in Oregon
The Wilderness Society blasts the BLM for management plans for Oregon forests.
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