Items by John Mccarthy

An Idaho forest burns almost naturally
The writer welcomes fires set to fireproof the forest floor
The message of trees marked in blue
Logging the few large trees still remaining in Western forests will not salvage the timber industry, help local towns or prevent future wildfires
How the West was destroyed
"The Lochsa Story: Land Ethics in the Bitterroot Mountains" by Bud Moore is reviewed.
View 4 of the grizzly bear controversy
Idaho Conservation League conservation director John McCarthy, in his own words, expresses some reservations about the grizzly plan.
Hells Canyon: Should it be a park?
Members of a revived council want to run the Forest Service out and bring in the National Park Service to administer a Hells Canyon National Park and Preserve.
The Forest Service's backcountry workers demand higher pay, better treatment
Backcountry workers have long been dissatisfied by the fact that they are on the ground, doing the actual work and dealing with the public, while their status and job security within the Forest Service is low to non-existent.
Soil erosion: Slip-sliding away
Nationwide, almost four billion tons of topsoil are lost every year to water erosion. About half that loss is on cropland.
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