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So what if park fees go up?
John Krist thinks it’s high time to raise entry fees for U.S. national parks.
Could it be Apocalypto for the Southwest?
John Krist says the movie Apocalypto, about the decline of the Maya in central America, has lessons for today
Climate-change clues — in tropical glaciers
In Thin Ice: Unlocking the Secrets of Climate in the World’s Highest Mountain Ranges, mountain climber and physicist Mark Bowen follows researchers who are finding clues to climate change in high-altitude tropical glaciers
Sometimes, it's possible to be too much in touch
The writer takes a river trip and almost pushes a fellow passenger overboard
Global warming can give you the chills
The writer looks at the mounting evidence on global warming
Selling forestland won't solve the real problem
The writer says selling public land is no way to help rural communities
Life — and death — in grizzly country
Werner Herzog’s new documentary, Grizzly Man, takes a thoughtful look at the life and death of Timothy Treadwell, an amateur bear biologist who was killed and eaten by an Alaskan grizzly
One man’s grisly encounter with a grizzly
The writer calls the documentary "Grizzly Man" a fascinating exploration of one man’s doomed love for bears
Topsy turvy weather may be a sign of worse to come
The writer goes camping and finds topsy turvy weather
Those who choose risk should bear the cost
The writer looks at buildings sliding down a hill and says, 'No more.'
Western governors take aim at wounded species
The writer listens to Western governors complain about the Endangered Species Act
The bear has been misleading people for 60 years
John Krist urges the Forest Service to retire Smokey Bear and his "Only you…" advice.
Lake Powell: When drought becomes opportunity
The writer explores newly revealed canyons as drought dries up parts of Lake Powell
Surprise: The bill for a water grab in California may be coming due
The writer says San Francisco has been milking a cash cow from the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir inside Yosemite National Park
Permanent life support is no substitute for a native land
The writer says hatchery salmon are to wild salmon as feedlot steers are to free-roaming bison
Forest Service duplicity stands out like a clearcut
The writer criticizes the Forest Service for selling a logging plan in California with Montana photos
Death in the backcountry comes with the territory
The writer notes recent fatalities in the frigid backcountry, but says risk is part of the game
To lions, we may be just a link in the food chain
John Krist tells why lions find us appetizing
California’s growth machine fueled these disastrous wildfires
John Krist says California is forced to build where fires like to burn
Free Hetch Hetchy!
John Krist tells about the movement in California to take down a dam and restore Hetch Hetchy Valley near Yosemite
Wartime does not always bring out our best
John Krist sees parallels today with the prejudice that forced Japanese Americans into camps during World War II.
The West loses an unsentimental guide
John Krist writes an appreciation of the late David Lavender, an unsentimental historian of the West
He taught us to see -- but not the whole picture
John Krist admires photographer Ansel Adams, though his photos only reveal part of a story
Reporters need to play a better numbers game
None of the reporters covering the prospect of drilling in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge have gotten the numbers right on how much oil might actually be there
Surprise: Conservation counted in the last election
To many people who care about the West's publicly owned lands, the Nov. 5 election results fell somewhere between disastrous and catastrophic.
Dam busters win symbolic victory
California anvironmentalists are pleased that the Bureau of Reclamation has given up on completing the planned Auburn Dam for the Middle Fork of the American River.
In California, no water project is too big
An Alaska company's much-mocked plan to haul bags of water 400 miles along the California coast is really no crazier than the things California has come up with in its search for water.
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