Items by John Freemuth

Grand Canyon State Park?
On witnessing yet another round of Western "public lands theater"
A new vision for public lands
Maybe it's time to rethink the purpose and scope of our federal lands.
A stand against racing in Colorado National Monument
Commercial races are not what national parks and monuments are about
(Re)naming mountains
Idaho's Mt. Heyburn deserves better
Community Forestry, or Not?
"Social Licenses" let foresters do what they used to do, but will that work?
Does the Forest Service Truly Believe in Collaboration?
Federal forest collaboration conflicts with state efforts in Montana
All Science is Political
The public, scientists, and land managers need to discuss the political aspects of science.
Is the great federal land debate over?
Two trends are almost as dangerous as the idea of directly selling off the public lands: land transfers done in the name of economic development, and the outsourcing of jobs in the federal land-management agencies.
Is the great federal land debate over?
The writer, a public policy professor in Idaho, warns that the impulse to sell off or trade public lands is only temporarily blocked
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