Items by Jim Woolf

BLM signs snatched
San Juan County, Utah, officials are removing "road closed" signs from BLM land in the Grand Gulch area, claiming ownership of the roads.
Nobody gives a damn about this dam
The Army abandons Red Butte Reservoir in Utah, and leaves no one responsible for the dam, its reservoir and the June sucker fish that live in the water.
No takers for wilderness trip
Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt tries to calm the state's bitter wilderness debate with a camping trip in proposed wilderness area - but no one wants to come.
Will counties de(grade) wilderness?
Bruce Babbitt's announcement of a new BLM inventory of southern Utah wilderness leads to a flurry of illegal road work, since roaded land can't be classified as wilderness.
How the West was won, and won, and ...
A look at history shows a cycle in the rise and fall of Western wise-use movements and sagebrush rebellions.
Feds targeted by louder thunder from below
More than 500 attend conservative Western summit in January.
Farmers spin federal dollars into hay
Utah farmers receive money for water conservation.
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