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How environmentalists could do more for Bears Ears
How environmentalists could do more for Bears Ears
On issues of industrial recreation, green groups say too little.
Recreation calls the shots in Moab
Recreation calls the shots in Moab
Making Moab a tourist destination has environmental impacts, often ignored.
Poisonous language on both sides of the fence
Poisonous language on both sides of the fence
It's time we took responsibility for the hateful rhetoric now commonplace on both sides of every issue.
In Utah, the more things change, the more they stay the same
In Utah, the more things change, the more they stay the same
Utah will still be fighting over wilderness 20 years from now.
Green delusions
What I will say to Americans once I am elected president
President Jim Stiles would tell the nation that it is past time we started living within our means – both economically and environmentally.
Dewey Bridge: In memoriam
Jim Stiles remembers Utah’s historic Dewey Bridge, which was destroyed by a fire recently.
Don’t book my adventure, please
Jim Stiles inveighs against the kind of expensive, manufactured outdoor thrills that are advertised on the Internet.
Global climate change? Let’s go shopping
Jim Stiles scoffs at the notion of saving the planet by buying so-called “green” products.
Death of a New Westerner
Jim Stiles mourns the death of a good friend, a man who loved Moab, Utah, for its diversity.
A little flash flooding can be a wonderful thing
The writer recounts the joys of minor flash flooding at Arches and notes that rains once again flooded a road inside the park
Stiles responds
Nature-deficit disorder is ruining our kids
The writer says children have lost the ability to play in the outdoors
Slow down, you go too fast
The writer slows down, saves gas and finds less road rage
Ego climbing at Delicate Arch
The writer doesn't appreciate the prowess of a climber of Delicate Arch in Arches National Park
SUWA, can you spare a dime?
The writer says the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance has the all the money it needs to expand its reach
Blood spills over a $14 camping fee
In the wake of a confrontation over a camping fee that ended in a tourist’s death, a former park ranger remembers a frightening incident from his own career
Fear and adrenaline can cause a ranger to kill
The writer tries to understand what made a park ranger kill a tourist who refused to pay a fee
How Delicate Arch was saved by bureaucratic stonewalling
The writer says Delicate Arch barely escaped a glue-based makeover
The brief but wonderful return of Cathedral in the Desert
Utah’s drought gives proof that Glen Canyon’s Cathedral in the Desert is still in liquid storage underneath Lake Powell
The brief but wonderful return of Cathedral in the Desert
The writer sees a magnificent canyon buried by Lake Powell, briefly revealed by drought
What the West needs is an honest discussion
The writer thinks Westerners both new and old hobble themselves with prejudice and hypocrisy
A look at the West, in the funhouse mirror
Old Westerners and New Westerners are equally hypocritical when it comes to caricaturing each other and not looking at themselves
Bewitched and bewildered near Moab, Utah
The writer explores the strange story of soft porn filmed for television at a ranch-turned-resort near Moab, Utah
A Utah rancher’s secret was a gift to us
The writer praises a Utah man for keeping an ancient Native American village safe from vandals for half a century
Ruminating on cows
The writer ruminates on cows in Utah and finds them more desirable than a boom economy built on "amenities."
If you’re not outraged, you’re not a true optimist
Some folks say environmental activists are depressing pessimists, but it actually takes an outraged optimist to bring about needed change
A national park in Utah should not allow laissez-faire climbing
Jim Stiles takes Arches National Park to task for allowing day-climbers too much leniency.
It’s good to be impassioned!
Jim Stiles confesses he’s mad as hell and wishes more people would feel the same.
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