Items by Jessica Toubman

A thin, dry border between heaven and hell
In his anthology, God’s Country or Devil’s Playground, editor Barney Nelson gathers together an eclectic mix of the best nature writing from the Big Bend of Texas
Will offshore be off-limits?
California is trying to deny offshore oil-drilling leases, even as the U.S. Senate approves a major inventory of the state’s offshore energy reserves
Women take the wheel
A Road of Her Own: Women’s Journeys in the West is an anthology of contemporary women’s adventures on the road
Mining rules put industry on rocky ground
Industry officials say that two new regulations could mean the end of gold-mining in California
Desert saved from ‘dingbat’ development
The Wildlands Conservancy buys 600,000 acres of Southern California desert, making the largest purchase of private land for conservation purposes in the country’s history
Hit the audio road in Nevada
Jon Christensen’s Nevada Variations is an entertaining and enlightening collection of audio profiles from each of the state’s 17 counties
Montana debates bison-hunting season
Montana lawmakers are considering reintroducing a bison hunt to control the animals that wander into the state from Yellowstone National Park
Fate of the Red Desert up in the air
A new BLM plan could re-open the door to oil and gas drilling in the Jack Morrow Hills, the heart of Wyoming’s Red Desert
Debate rages over ‘de-listing’ wolves
Conservationists say it’s too soon for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to declare that wolves are no longer endangered
Does your representative make the grade?
The League of Conservation Voters rates congressional members’ records for better or worse in its annual National Environmental Scorecard
Water face-off in Fresno
Fresno, Calif., is fighting a federal ultimatum that would make the city bill residents based on how much water they use
Land-use laws attacked from all sides
Oregon property-rights activists are working to resurrect the controversial Measure 7, which would more or less destroy the state’s land-use regulations.
Canada lays down the law on endangered species
Canada finally passes an endangered species law, but it only protects "federal species" living in oceans or on the 1 percent of Canadian land that is federal.
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