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“Paradise” has turned a little grim
Blurring the landscape
Historian Mark Fiege's book, "Irrigated Eden: The Making of an Agricultural Landscape in the American West," describes southern Idaho as a hybrid habitat that reveals a complicated reciprocal relationship between people and nature.
Mormons on the land
The anthology "New Genesis: A Mormon Reader on Land and Community" features essays by contemporary Mormons who seek a reconciliation between their faith and the Utah landscape.
Zookeeper helps a battered range
Self-taught grazing activist Michael Seidman wins a victory when a federal judge rules that the Forest Service's analysis of a grazing allotment on Arizona's Tonto National Forest was inadequate.
EPA tells Colorado to get tough on mine
The EPA orders the state of Colorado to tighten regulations from open-pit gold mine near Victor.
Score one for local control
In Colorado, a bill to gut state law 1041, which allows local communities to have strict land-use regulations, is pulled from consideration in the House.
Idaho could move toward the center
Walt Minnick will run as a Democrat against Republican Larry Craig in Idaho for the Senate.
A call to uproot roads
Idaho Fish and Game officials urge the Forest Service to remove logging roads damaged by heavy rain and landslides in national forests.
Disease threatens bighorn restoration
A longtime effort to restore bighorn sheep to Hells Canyon is imperiled by a deadly outbreak of the disease pasturella.
Bad hunters meet good old boys
Non-residents who illegally kill fish and wildlife in Montana face stiffer penalties than locals who commit the same crimes.
Keeping the wolf at bay
U.S. Fish and Wildlife issues a draft propoal that would allow the agency to remove the wolf from the endangered list before environmentalists think it is recovered.
Of raptors and rifles
Rancher Jim Maitland rescues an injured golden eagle in southwestern Oregon.
Land Board bias questioned
Idaho environmentalists fight with the state Land Board over leasing parcels for conservation instead of grazing and win a court victory.
Can a salvage sale save the trees?
The Northwest Ecosystem Alliance is the highest bidder for Washington's Thunder Mountain salvage sale, but once the group refuses to log the trees, the Forest Service may not go through with the sale.
Round two for a grazing bill
Republican Sen. Pete Domenici of New Mexico resurrects a grazing bill for Congress.
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