Items by Jennifer Chergo

Slapping back at SLAPPs
A bill designed to protect citizens from frivolous lawsuits called SLAPPs (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) was defeated in Colorado's state Senate, but its sponsor plans to try again.
Avoiding the shaft
In "Avoiding the Shaft: The New Mexico Citizen's Mining Manual," Sue McIntosh aims to help New Mexico activists battle hardrock mining.
Seeing parks with 20/20 vision
Some say the "Vision 20/20 National Parks Restoration Act" would only continue the "sweetheart contracting practices" that allow concessionaires to profit without returning much money to the parks.
Let's talk about salmon
A free quarterly called "Wana Chinook Tymoo" lives up to its name's meaning, "salmon stories," by helping Northwestern Indians work to save salmon.
Doing dirty work for free
Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado seeks people who want to help plant gardens and mend trails on Colorado public lands.
Is park station a boondoggle?
Critics object to Park Service plans to spend user fees on a fancy new welcome center in Grand Teton National Park, rather than on improving existing facilities.
Citizens tackle a mining company
Basin Resources, a coal-mining company, is ordered to pay $160,000 to a couple who claim the mine damaged their second home.
New Mexico Greens here to stay
In New Mexico, an energetic Green Party is siphoning votes from the Democratic Party and seeks to give the Republicans a run for their money.
Grand planning at the canyon
Some object to the Forest Service's plan to build a new town for tourists right outside of Grand Canyon National Park.
Not so hog wild in Colorado
A citizens' ballot initiative would crack down on pollution and other problems caused by industrial hog farms in Colorado.
Big mines leave a big mess
South Dakota tells Brohm Mining that the company cannot walk away from its gold mine in the Black Hills without cleaning up the mess it's made.
We can take it
Veterans of the 1930s' Civilian Conservation Corps hold reunions this summer.
In the footsteps of Muir
"Walking With Muir Across Yosemite" by Geraldine Vale and Thomas Vale retraces Muir's footsteps and finds that, away from noisy, tourist-thronged roads, much of the park is surprisingly unchanged.
Victory for the tortoise
A Star, Idaho, man pleads guilty to unlawaful possession of a protected species after he is charged with stealing two endangered desert tortoises from Snow Canyon State Park.
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