Items by Jeff Schmerker

Tooele opens the door to more toxics
Tooele County can't stop the temporary storage of spent nuclear fuel rods on land owned by the Skull Valley Band of Goshute Indians.
The least of these
The federal Fish and Game Service has been working successfully with Utah state agencies to restore the least chub without ever having it listed under the Endangered Species Act.
One dam falls, another rises
A dam on the Diamond Fork River goes down, but the Central Utah Project still lives, with a plan to pump reservoir water to farmers, although not to Salt Lake City.
Looking for a quiet, old neighborhood?
State-owned lots with Native American ruins on them may be sold to provide money for Utah schools.
Sign of the times
A sign in Utah's new Jordanelle State Park that explains the damage cattle can cause in riparian areas is taken down when ranchers object.
A modest proposal
Utah county commissioners offer minimal wilderness recommendations to Gov. Mike Leavitt.
Utah wilderness bill under way
A proposed wilderness bill for Utah leaves environmentalists unsatisfied.
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