Items by Jeff Ruch

Why would a federal agency trash its libraries?
The Environmental Protection Agency’s quiet efforts to dismantle its own technical libraries are likely to hamstring scientific research – and freedom of thought – across the nation, Jeff Ruch warns.
Truth really is no defense
The writer decries a recent Supreme Court decision that will tend to muzzle whistleblowers within government
Panhandling in our national parks
The writer criticizes the government’s plan to solicit donations for national parks from the public, concessionaires and corporations
From Washington, D.C., comes a new spoils system
Through its push for privatization, the Bush administration is quietly engineering a corporate takeover of the federal government – one that will have harsh consequences for land management, national parks, scientific integrity and workforce diversity
From Washington, D.C., comes a new spoils system
Jeff Ruch says privatizing jobs at natural-resource agencies jeopardizes stewardship of the lands we all own