Items by Jeff Marti

A new gold rush hits the West
The new American gold rush is after a different kind of deposit than the veins, nuggets and flakes which tantalized the imagination of the forty-niners. These days the hunt is for low-grade, ore bodies with microscopic gold.
A Western Colorado uranium town is beset by radioactivity and the economy
Layoffs at Umetco Minerals Corp.'s uranium mine in Uravan, Colo., may close the operation before high radiation levels and waste disposal problems do.
Cities want wilderness water on tap
To some, the proposed Homestake II Water Diversion Project in Western Colorado is the technological answer to a problem of how to bring water to urban areas. To others, allowing the project would set a disastrous precedent because the water in question is in the Holy Cross wilderness area.
Poachers' pride leads to arrests
Two Cheyenne, Wyo., bow-hunters committed several blunders when they shot a bull moose last December.
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