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Motorheads lose one
The Forest Service restricts some of the access off-road vehicles have to Idaho's Targhee National Forest.
Scat dogs earn their keep
Scientist Sam Wasser has trained dogs to sniff out bear and wolf droppings in the wild, so the scat can be analyzed to find how many animals live in an area and where their prime habitat is.
From orchards to Philadelphia
The "Baseline Scenario" study warns that Utahns in the growing Salt Lake City area need to start managing growth now.
Intel Corp. denied desert water rights
The powerful computer chip manufacturer Intel Corp. loses a bid to buy water rights from farmers near Socorro, N.M.
No, ma'am, this isn't Mississippi
The native Yaqui catfish is being restored to Arizona's San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge.
A tiny tribe wins big on clean water
The Supreme Court rules that the Isleta Pueblo tribe in New Mexico has the right to order the city of Albuquerque to end its dumping in the Rio Grande River.
State fights nuclear waste shipments
Congress authorizes storage of 50,000 tons of nuclear waste at the Nevada Test Site despite protests and warnings of environmentalists.
A rural county says no to pork
Rural Colorado's Gunnison County turns down $38 million to upgrade hihghways, saying the people would rather preserve their quality of life.
Is the Park Service too timid?
Some say the Park Service is overreacting in closing some areas of Mount Rainier National Park to visitors to protect them from possible mudslides.
A ranch rescued
The Nature Conservancy buys the Dugout Ranch near Utah's Canyonlands to save it from developers.
Tribes create a wilderness park
Eleven California tribes unite to establish the first Native American-owned park - the new Intertribal Sinkyone Wilderness Park.
Burning down the woods
The timber company that accidentally burned 8,000 acres of Arizona's Coconino National Forest will be allowed to bid on a salvage timber sale in the burned area.
Big trees fall in contested sale
Old-growth ponderosa pines fall in New Mexico when the court denies Forest Guardian's attempt to stop the La Manga timber sale.
Activists wade through mudslides
Idaho environmentalists accuse the Forest Service of withholding evidence that logging on steep slopes has caused recent massive mudslides on the Clearwater National Forest.
Just charge it
The Tucson Electric Power Company opens eight free charge-up stations in Tucson for electric cars.
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