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Lions push bighorn onto an island
The California Dept. of Fish and Game plans to restore the endangered Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep by moving animals to the haven of Paoha Island in Mono Lake, where they will be safe from mountain lions.
Quincy Library Group bars outsiders
The consensus-based Quincy Library Group has decided to hold some of its meetings behind closed doors, to prevent what members describe as "disruptions" from opponents of the group's controversial forest plan.
A quiet victory in Quincy
The controversial forest management plan put together by the Quincy Library Group in California is signed into law without much fanfare, as members of the consensus group brace for the next round of fighting over the forest.
At Tahoe, it's agreed: old growth gets to stay
Old-growth ponderosa pine trees in the Lake Tahoe Basin - both green and standing dead trees - will be protected from logging under a new regulation.
How California poisoned a small town
The California Dept. of Fish and Game's decision to poison Lake Davis to kill non-native pike has had dire effects on the nearby town of Portola's water supply and economy.
Waste to snake through West
The Department of Energy plans to ship five loads of nuclear waste from Concord, Calif., to the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory.
Storm Over Mono: The Mono Lake Battle and the California Water Future
"Storm Over Mono: The Mono Lake Battle and the California Water Future" by John Hart is reviewed by Jane Braxton Little.
Mono Lake: Victory over Los Angeles turns into local controversy
California's Mono Lake has been saved from Los Angeles' thirst, but a new local battle is brewing over the water in the lake's streams, and the question of how far to take restoration of the area.
Plumas lake poisoned despite civil disobedience
Despite vigorous local protest, the California Department of Fish and Game poisons Lake Davis to eradicate non-native pike.
Big stink over northern pike
Determined opponents protest a California fish and game department plan to poison Lake Davis to ride it of non-native northern pike.
Forest plan powers through Congress
The Quincy Library Group Forest Recovery and Economic Stability Act passes in the House, but environmentalists have reservations about the untested logging techniques as well as the favoring of local solutions over some national interests.
What to do about a nasty fish
Californians protest the Dept. of Fish and Game's plans to poison northern pike in Lake Davis before the voracious fish migrates down the Feather River and destroys the state's commercial sport-fishing industry.
National groups object to grassroots power in D.C.
The Quincy Library Group, a much-praised, ground-breaking consensus group in Plumas County, Calif., is now being attacked by environmentalists as its forest management plan reaches the Legislature.
California: A 28-year-old talks the talk to green voters
In California, Michela Alioto, granddaughter of former San Francisco mayor Joseph Alioto, offers a green-sounding alternative to Republican incumbent Frank Riggs.
Operation bullsling
To improve trampled vegetation and watershed in California's Ishi Wilderness, Forest Service officials remove 13 tranquilized bulls by helicopter.
Consensus even came to Washington, D.C.
The seventh annual American Forest Congress brought together forest users - and consensus building began to happen.
Nevada county to Army: Take this smog and shove it
Fearing potential contamination, Nevada's Washoe County sues to stop explosions of outdated munitions at nearby Sierra Army Depot in California.
Agency says: Let our logo go
A controversy brews over a T-shirt spoofing the Forest Service logo.
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