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Vandals didn't silence the past
Vandals destroy computer disks containing Indian language archives in Oregon's Warm Springs Indian Reservation, but with help from many volunteers much of the irreplaceable material is retrieved.
New facts about old fish
Scientists in the Pacific Northwest have launched a study of the white sturgeon in the Columbia River - North America's largest fish.
Something fishy about this pollution
Environmentalists charge that escaped hatchery salmon in Puget Sound are a "living pollutant" that harms endangered wild salmon and should be regulated.
What's underneath the Staircase?
Conoco begins drilling for oil on state school-trust lands located inside Utah's new Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.
A cheatgrass antidote - maybe
The BLM's desire to use DuPont's pesticide Oust to kill a weed called cheatgrass provokes controversy.
What's his are mines
In Colorado, some say controversial wilderness-land developer Tom Chapman may have goofed in acquiring two mining claims in the Spanish Peaks wilderness study area.
A Colorado reality check: lions roam and kill
In separate attacks by mountain lions, a boy in Colorado's Mesa Verde National Park is wounded, and another boy, in Rocky Mountain National Park, is killed.
Petroglyphs and pavement collide
N.M. Sen. Pete Domenici and Indian leaders are in a stand-off over road building in Petroglyph National Monument.
Wolf pups proliferate
Yellowstone's reintroduced wolves are thriving - and reproducing - in the park.
Darkness un-Vailed
Vail Associates' plans for night skiing on Colorado's Vail Mountain are withdrawn after locals protest.
Did agency get in bed with loggers?
Environmentalists accuse the Forest Service of conspiring with the timber industry in the logging of Idaho's Payette Nat'l Forest, but a federal judge disagrees.
Rumble in the watershed
A watershed council, formed to manage Idaho's South Fork of the Snake River, is in trouble because it refused to allow environmentalists to be represented in the group.
Pressure builds for Yucca Mountain
U.S. Senate wants to begin using Nevada's Yucca Mountain to temporarily store high-level nuclear waste.
Just don't do it
A logging company defies a request from the Oregon State Forestry Department that loggers voluntarily stop clear-cutting slide-prone slopes above highways and homes.
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