Items by James Yearling

Power from the underground
Geothermal power heats up in Reno, Nev., as the West begins to pay more attention to its underground energy resources.
Red Desert rarity
Wyoming moves to protect Adobe Town – but will the feds follow suit?
Preble’s mouse protection jumps to Colorado
Proposal would strip rare rodent of protection in Wyoming
Soakin’ in southwestern Colorado
In the town of Ouray, geothermal energy is an irreplaceable asset.
Literary trivia of the West
Test your knowledge with a Western literary trivia quiz.
A watershed proposal
Colorado's only wild and scenic river may be harnessed for a water storage project.
Apache trout swim ‘full stream’ ahead
Arizona's state fish is about to become the first fish removed from the endangered species list as a result of successful recovery.
Public lands precedent?
The Bureau of Land Management pulls parcels from a Utah lease sale -- but the action may not mean what conservationists think it does.
Losing their luster
This fall, Colorado's iconic aspen are more brown than golden -- the trees are succumbing to a mysterious die-off.
Dear friends
New HCN interns Christine Hoekenga and James Yearling; visitors; correction.
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