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The Hanford Nuclear Reservation: Poor engineering, worse PR
"It sucks" is what an unidentified staffer for U.S. Department of Energy concluded about his agency's choice of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation as a candidate for the nation's first high-level nuclear waste dump.
Three states sue DOE on the nuclear dump issue
Washington has sued the U.S. Department of Energy over the federal government's proposed study of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation for siting of a high-level nuclear waste repository, adding to actions by Nevada and Texas against similar proposals for those states.
The BLM's wilderness policies are probed by a skeptical Congressional committee
Conservationists arrive in Washington, D.C. to tell Congress what has gone wrong in the nationwide wilderness review of public lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management.
Salt Lake could pickle its surroundings
The Great Salt Lake continues to rise inexorably, possibly to a new high in recorded history.
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