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Exotic-killing herbicide is ousted from the range
In its attempt to eradicate cheatgrass in Idaho, the BLM contaminated crops with the herbicide, Oust, which led to a lawsuit stopping the spraying, while the weed continues to spread.
'There isn't much room for more wolves'
Ralph Maughan, professor of political science at Idaho State University, and president-elect of the Wolf Recovery Foundation, blames conflicts on not enough room in the wild for wolves.
'Big for the sake of big is not good'
In his own words, Bill Stoltzfus compares his small (85-cow) dairy to the huge ones that have taken over the Magic Valley, and admits that dairy farmers who created problems with odor and manure must now take responsibility and deal with them.
'The odors were beyond description'
In her own words, Sena McKnight describes how she and her family were forced out of their home next to the Dutch Touch Dairy, due to the nauseating odors and decline in quality of life.
'You start over new'
In his own words, Dean Swager talks about how he moved his dairy farm from Southern California's Chino Valley to Idaho's Magic Valley.
Boise pushes on its river, and the river shoves back
Boise, Idaho, realizes that its beloved river needs room to flow, and that riverfront development may have to be controlled.
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