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Farmers to try do-it-yourself sediment clean-up
In Idaho, the Environmental Protection Agency is giving farmers a shot at regulating themselves and voluntarily applying techniques to manage soil erosion.
The timber industry is a way of life
The romantic appeal of the logging industry surely adds to the community spirit seen at Horseshoe Bend's Loggers' Day in Idaho. But there is another reason logging and millwork have maintained a definite sense of worth: the pay.
Morley Nelson on the sport of falconry
Morley Nelson has spent much of his 68 years working with raptors and trying to get the rest of us to catch a sense of the inspiration he has derived from these birds.
The Grazing Act brought order to the range
The 1934 Taylor Grazing Act brought order to the Old West: grazing districts, advisory boards, government-subsidized stock ponds, reservoirs and fences, and more.
Idaho's Great Rift is a huge blotter that swallows all streams and rivers
Out across a sea of lava now hardened into shining basalt, a line of low volcanoes and spatter cones mark Idaho's Great Rift.
Nation's last caribou get federal protection
The last remaining herd of caribou in the lower 48 states, in the Selkirk Mountains of northern Idaho, has been listed as an endangered species by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
Major quake reshapes Idaho
The biggest earthquake in the United States in 24 years rippled through Idaho on October 28, blasting trees from the ground and causing widespread damage.
James Watt left his mark on Idaho
Watt's unique concept of balanced management landed on Idaho with his appointments to the BLM districts' citizen advisory boards.
Idaho wilderness battles rage
Wilderness is promising to be Idaho's environmental hot potato this summer as Sen. James McClure prepares a state wilderness bill and the Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service continue a series of wilderness plans.
A talk with Senator James McClure
High Country News contributor Glenn Oakley interviews Idaho's U.S. Senator James McClure on roadless rules, the sale of federal lands, and other issues.
Heat on Idaho to rewrite water laws
A proposed northern Idaho timber sale, called unacceptable by the state Bureau of Water Quality, has resulted in attempts by the Forest Service and timber industry to rewrite the state water pollution law.
Rush to power: damming Idaho's rivers
Idaho's utilities currently have nine proposals for major dams on Idaho rivers, despite dropping electricity demand.
Idaho's $10 an acre 'dream land'
The Bureau of Land Management is again processing homestead applications authorized by the Desert Land Act, which has long been used to claim marginal farmland in Idaho.
Flathead Coalition primes for battle with Canada
Concerned citizens in Montana's North Fork Flathead River valley are organizing against a proposal by Sage Creek Coal Ltd. to mine coal upstream, across the Canadian border.
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