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Coexistence between wolves and livestock is a delusion
Coexistence between wolves and livestock is a delusion
When it comes to public lands, native wolves should get preference.
Why is logging dying? Blame the market.
Why is logging dying? Blame the market.
Environmental regulations and endangered species protections are not at fault for Western logging’s decline.
Condos or cows? Neither!
Condos or cow? Neither!
Whatever happened to letting fires burn?
The writer suggests that Westerners learn to live with fires rather than suppressing them.
Montana State University to local environmentalists: Get lost!
Author describes how Montana State University blacklisted him for being the "Ralph Nader of the West."
Condos, not cows
Cows are more destructive than development.
Forestry newspeak prevents us from seeing the ecosystem
Terminology has a big influence on our way of thinking and the way we perceive issues. It also affects the way we allot funds for public lands.
Save the forests: Let them burn
There is no getting around this ecological fact of life: Within nearly all forest communities of the Rocky Mountains, fires are essential form maintaining a healthy ecosystem.
Rhythms of the forest
We need to expand our view of time, give natural events more space and look for the heartbeats that keep it all running.
Wolf recovery is stopped dead
The death of six wolves roaming northwest Montana was a serious blow to the recovery effort, but it may be only a sign of much larger problems facing the species.
Wolves return to Montana
Gone from the West for almost 50 years, wolves recently crossed the Canadian border to colonize Montana's Northern Rockies. Up to 20 wolves are spending this winter in Glacier National Park; by spring, the pack could number 40.
A Montana wilderness bill grinds its way through Congress
One of the most controversial areas where special management or national recreation area status is proposed is along the Rocky Mountain Front, a nearly 450,000-acre roadless area adjacent to the Bob Marshall Wilderness.
Treating forests as if they had souls
Considering the educational priorities of most forestry schools, it is not surprising that our national forests are badly mismanaged as ecosystems.
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