Items by George Ochenski

Montana tells the federal government to butt out
Montanans are rebelling against the federal government, angry at the Recreation Enhancement Tax, the Patriot Act, and the loss of their National Guard to Iraq
Montana tells the federal government to butt out
The writer hails Montana's Legislature as it rebukes the federal government over access fees on public lands and the Patriot Act
Montana loses an environmental leader
Montana State Rep. Ben Cohen, environmentalist, garbageman, actor and outdoorsman, is mourned in Whitefish, Mont.
Montana tribes bid their leader farewell
Michael T. "Mickey" Pablo, the recently deceased leader of Montana's seven Indian nations, is remembered as a fearless warrior in defense of his people, their land and treaty rights.
The river comes last
The Montana Legislature ratifies a water compact with the Crow Indian Tribe that favors consumptive users of the water at the expense of the Bighorn River itself, and of the world-class trout fishery in Bighorn Lake.
Montana's deregulation dilemma
Following the state's electrical deregulation bill, Montana Power Co. decides to sell its 13 dams, leading to fierce debate over the fate of rivers, water rights and fish.
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