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Two tribes, two religions, vie for a place in the desert
The religious and political differences between Navajo and Hopi Indians who share the same land are highlighted when Navajo police arrest Hopis for gathering eagles for religious purposes.
Is Peabody Coal's slurry sucking the Hopis dry?
Hundreds of Hopis across the reservation say their water is disappearing because of the Black Mesa Mine.
Navajo Nation is in governmental gridlock
With the turmoil showing little sign of abating, millions of dollars worth of economic development prospects -- the linchpin of MacDonald's administration -- may also soon go down the drain as investors shy away.
Tribes say rights hearing hurts sovereignty
The Navajo Tribe objects to hearings held by the U.S. Civil Rights Commission to examine tribal courts and freedom of the press on reservations.
Pothunting for profit -- and the loss of history
Although the Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979 prohibits the taking of Indian artifacts, each year countless pieces of thousand-year-old Anasazi pottery are taken home as souvenirs.
Finding fault with Glen Canyon Dam
Like hosing down a driveway, the Colorado River's daily rising and falling is causing a gradual erosion of Grand Canyon beaches.
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