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The woodpile and me
The woodpile and me
Is it ever possible to have too much wood in your woodpile?
Coming to blows
Coming to blows
Tribal infighting is delaying a wind farm planned for Gray Mountain on the Navajo Reservation.
Hypocrisy on the road
Gail Binkly notes that environmentalists don’t always drive what they preach
Dust in the wind
In his new book, The Worst Hard Time, Tim Egan interviews survivors to tell the story of the great American Dust Bowl on the southern Great Plains in the 1930s
Casinos coming to Navajo Nation
After long resistance to gambling, the Navajo Nation has decided to allow casinos on the reservation
Who’s afraid of the big bad dog?
The writer asks which animals are more dangerous: wolves or dogs?
Doubling density near Durango
The La Plata County commissioners have signed two deals allowing energy companies to double the density of coalbed methane wells near Durango, Colo.
The restoration will not be televised
After the Fires: The Ecology of Change in Yellowstone National Park is an anthology of articles chronicling the long-term effects of the 1988 fires on the park’s ecosystem and wildlife
Bringing back the wolf = bringing back the habitat
In Decade of the Wolf: Returning the Wolf to Yellowstone, biologist Douglas Smith and nature writer Gary Ferguson seek to separate myth from reality in the long and turbulent saga of the wolf
Forcing nomads to farm — the Utes' sad story
In "The Utes Must Go!" Peter R. Decker looks at the tragedies that resulted when fear-mongering politicians and settlers decided to oust the Ute Indians from Colorado and Utah in the 19th century.
EPA pulls back on fish-killing rule change
The Environmental Protection Agency withdraws a proposed rule change that would have allowed fatal amounts of selenium in fish.
Communities search for a safer way to kill mosquitoes
In Colorado and elsewhere in the West, the fear of West Nile Virus brings the controversy about spraying pesticides to a boil
Seeing the forest for its dead trees
M. Lisa Floyd’s book, Ancient Pinon-Juniper Woodlands: A Natural History of Mesa Verde Country, brings 23 scientists and researchers together to celebrate a little-known and delicate ecosystem
Dam's price tag skyrockets
Controversy over the long-planned Animas-La Plata Dam in southwestern Colorado flares again, when the soaring price tag of "A-LP Ultralight" becomes known
Playing God in desert potholes
The writer plays God to a desert pothole filled suddenly with tadpoles
New Mexico: A nuclear homeland?
Lea County, N.M., is courting Louisiana Energy Services, a company that wants to build a uranium-enrichment facility to create fuel for nuclear power plants
Showdown at the Four Corners
Plans to expand Four Corners National Monument onto the Ute Mountain Reservation are being held up by the state of Colorado, which refuses to join Arizona, Utah and New Mexico in paying its share of the money
Developer tries to make a killing off the Black Canyon
Colorado developer Tom Chapman is marketing an inholding in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, advertising it online on eBay while the federal government scurries to meet his price
When did we become such gear-toting wimps?
Something is amiss when a hiker’s gear costs more than a fashion model’s
When did we become outdoor wimps needing so much stuff?
Gail Binkly wonders why pricey, high-tech "stuff" has to drive outdoor recreation.
Phelps tries to dodge bond
Phelps Dodge Corporation is at loggerheads with environmentalists and the state of New Mexico over plans to clean up the Chino Mine, an open-pit copper mine near Silver City
Missing Interior money: Piles or pennies?
American Indians have denounced a recent report defending the Interior Department’s trust account transactions
Forest thinning slows fires, increases concerns
Forest thinning and prescribed burns helped slow the progress of Colorado’s Hayman Fire, but some environmentalists fear forest thinning will be used to justify increased logging
Looters sneak into monument
Vandalism and pothunting seem to be on the rise in the recently created Canyons of the Ancients National Monument in southwestern Colorado
Talking trash in a national monument
A penny tax on containers could help fund the huge job of cleaning up litter on highways and public lands
Cowboys fight oil and gas drillers
Fed up with energy companies and the BLM, several ranchers in northwestern New Mexico have locked their gates, blocking private roads to natural gas wells.
Colorado community battles a toxic shipment
Residents of the Canon City, Colo., suburb of Lincoln Park are fighting the proposed delivery of radioactive soil from a New Jersey Superfund site to the Cotter Corp. uranium mill
Thumpers hit a speedbump
In southwestern Colorado, a judge has temporarily halted the use of seismic "thumper trucks" to explore for oil and gas in the Canyons of the Ancients National Monument.
The BLM stabs at a tired land
Near Farmington, N.M., some local ranchers and environmentalists are fighting a push to greatly increase oil and gas drilling in the area's San Juan Basin.
A-LP gets federal A-OK
A revised and scaled-down version of Colorado's controversial Animas-La Plata water project appears poised to become reality at last.
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