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Greens fight lonely battle near Yellowstone
Dubois, Wyo., environmentalists are frustrated by the lack of local interest in and opposition to the Forest Service's plans to open almost 1 million acres of the Shoshone National Forest to oil and gas exploration.
Green versus gold
"Green Versus Gold: Sources in California's Environmental History," edited by Carolyn Merchant, is a useful history that activists will find inspirational.
Private dam planned on public land
Environmentalists and the Forest Service oppose a private company's plan to dam the Dry Fork of the Little Bighorn River in Wyoming.
Keeping hikers and habitat happy
"Planning Trails with Wildlife in Mind: A Handbook for Trail Planners," a publication from Colorado State Parks, offers suggestions on how to keep hiking trails from interfering with wildlife.
Women want the railroad to back off
A new group called WARR: Women/Wives Against the Railroad is fighting to protect railroad employees who are overworked and exploited by the Union Pacific.
Erosion danger fans flames
A clean-air activist who helped end bluegrass-field burning near Spokane, Wash., is now tackling the practice of wheat-stubble burning on eastern Washington's farmlands.
Subdivisions loom over the Sawtooths
Idaho rancher Bob Piva says he will subdivide and sell his 160 acres in the Stanley Basin, unless the Forest Service - which has been trying to protect the Sawtooth National Recreation Area from development - meets his asking price.
A new look at old pictures
An exhibit gathers photographs that Mabel Souther, a ranch manager's wife, took a hundred years ago on the Big Red Ranch in northeastern Wyoming.
Look who's sprawling now
The Sierra Club's report, "The Dark Side of the American Dream: The Costs and Consequences of Suburban Sprawl," neglected to cover many sprawling Western cities, such as Salt Lake City.
Roadless, for now
Colorado environmentalists halt two roadless-area timber sales, the Trout Mountain sale in the Rio Grande National Forest and the Sheep Flats sale in the Grand Mesa National Forest.
Broadway, mountain-style
An unusual theater group, Human Nature, tries to ease things between environmentalists and loggers with musical comedy and satire.
They left only footprints
In Wyoming's Bighorn Basin, a flood reveals more than 2,000 dinosaur tracks in a gully.
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