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A fierce defender of the Western word
A fierce defender of the Western word
Betsy Marston retires from High Country News after 39 years with the magazine.
River of healing
River of healing
How a group of veterans found solace on the River of No Return.
Retooling for the next mission
Retooling for the next mission
Iraq war veterans find a new life in Colorado, this time fighting for the environment with the help of Veterans Green Jobs.
On Cancer’s Trail
The women in Stefanie Raymond-Whish’s family have a history of breast cancer, and the young Navajo biologist wants to know whether the uranium on the reservation might have something to do with it.
An activist
Nellie Sandoval, the mother of scientist Stefanie Raymond-Whish, has become an outspoken activist as a result of her own struggle with breast cancer.
A well
Glenda Rangel and her family grew up drinking from and swimming in water tanks dangerously polluted with uranium.
A patient
Kathleen Tsosie, who has devoted her life to helping others, now faces the frightening possibility that her breast cancer has returned.
The Coyote Caucus Takes the West to Washington
Stewart and Mo Udall were Western conservation giants. Now the West looks to their sons to bridge today’s social and political divides and create a conservation legacy of their own
The Udall bloodline is consistent
Mo Udall’s six children, and Stewart Udall’s six – not to mention many of their cousins – have tended to find work in some form of public service
It's more than a house, it's a fantasy life
The sales pitch for the Silver Bow Club, a gated ranch community proposed for Montana's Big Hole River, weighs 12 pounds and encourages vivid lifestyle fantasies.
Behind the gate
The Stock Farm outside of Hamilton, Mont., is one of many new exclusive gated housing developments in the West, and some fear that these fortified palaces, which cater to a wealthy elite, will further divide communities and adversely impact the land.
Plains sense
Ten years after Frank and Deborah Popper first proposed turning depopulated Great Plains counties into a 'Buffalo Commons,' their once-controversial ideas are getting more respect in the region as the population continues to decline.
Making buffalo pay
In the Great Plains, some buffalo ranchers are trying to make the animals pay without turning them into beef cattle clones.
Homegrown leaders: Lakota educators bridge two worlds
On the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota, an innovative Dept. of Education is determined to break the cycle of poverty, poor school performance and lack of economic opportunity that afflicts the Lakota youth.
Living out the trailer dream
One in six Westerners now lives in a trailer, but this traditionally affordable housing can become an expensive trap, as tougher zoning pushes trailers into crowded parks with ever-increasing rents and regulations.
One county's misgivings over not-so-ordinary housing
Architect and developer Michael Reynolds runs into trouble with Taos County, N.M., over his belief that the "Earthships" he builds don't require building permits or fall under local land-use regulations.
'It's great to ask geeks for advice'
Montana State University's new manufacturing extension center helps entrepreneurs such as backpack designer Dana Gleason of Dana Design.
Montana's outback goes on-line
Montana State University turns to "electronic extension" to meet the information needs of the state's widely scattered population.
Helping a busted mining town back to its feet
Extension agent Barb Andreozzi offers creative ideas and practical assistance to help Anaconda, Mont., prosper again.
What to do when opposition to planning turns ugly
Experts give advice about what to do when land-use opposition gets ugly.
Land-use plan is disemboweled
A proposed land-use plan for Montana's Flathead County faces violent opposition.
Outdoor groups fight camping limits
Outdoor schools fight Canyonlands use-limits proposal.
Border doesn't block dirty air and water
North American Free Trade Agreement doesn't include environmental protections.
There's gold, and no controls, in Mexico's hills
Sonoran communities open to mining by foreign companies.
On the borderline
United States, Mexico and Tohono O'odham Indians work to preserve the Sonoran Desert.
Butte, Montana, seeks a new life
Butte wants to transform its Superfund mine cleanup into a tourist attraction.
Seeking Treasure in Butte's trash
Metanetix, Mycotech and other companies see opportunity in cleaning up Butte's Superfund site.
Propst says small towns make or break ecosystems
Small towns are an important part of the ecosysytem, according to community consultant Luther Propst.
Future shock hits Livingston
Montanans plan to preserve their small-town atmosphere in Livingston.
Utah county sweeps away old guard
Grand County will elect a seven-member commission to replace the old county council.
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