Items by Evelyn Schlatter

Putting out the welcome mats
EnCana Oil and Gas uses wooden drill-mat technology to preserve habitat
Welcome to Smart Grid City, Colorado
Boulder to become a test case for new power grid system
One down, three to go
Wilderness bills go to Washington, meet with some success
Proposed bill calls for separate "catastrophic wildfire" fund
Lines in the sand
The essays in Gary Paul Nabhan’s Arab/American celebrate the landscape, culture and cuisine of two great deserts: The Middle Eastern lands from which his ancestors came and the Sonoran Desert he now lives in.
Ascending Giants
Sean O’Connor and the other members of the Ascending the Giants expedition team climb, measure and photograph the West’s tallest trees.
Why the buffalo can't roam
GAO report criticizes Yellowstone bison plan
Where the rubber leaves the road
Colorado's new off-road vehicle bill expands enforcement
From poo to power
Biofuel partnerships help fuel local communities
Go blue, save some green
Proposed legislation seeks to address beetle-killed wood
Mining the West
A potpourri of maps and graphics illustrates the complex nature of hardrock mining in the West today.
The fur is flying
Ranchers file a lawsuit in Oregon -- to stop cougar killing.
Dear friends
New winter interns Francisco Tharp and Evelyn Schlatter; clarification
The Appeal Deal
Bush administration drops appeal on forest policy lawsuit, but has anything really changed?
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