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Seeds of change
Land managers working on post-fire restoration in Utah have to battle invasive cheatgrass in their efforts to bring back the native sagebrush.
Raising the bar for lawyers
Washington has become the third state to require that would-be lawyers taking the bar exam know more than a little about Indian law.
A dustup over weed control
Some environmentalists are unhappy about the BLM’s plans to spray herbicides for weed control, but many public-land managers say it’s the only way to tackle the invasion of flammable weeds.
Dear friends
Recent visitors to Paonia include bikers, big dogs, and two Brits who are walking across the country
Pipe dreams
Leaky irrigation ditches in Washington’s Methow Valley have made the desert bloom, at the expense of endangered salmon.
A dustup over weed control
The BLM’s plans to spray nearly a million acres with herbicides have some environmentalists fuming, but biologists and land managers welcome the policy.
Turning the tide
Washington tribes will receive millions to give up shellfish-harvesting treaty rights that they’ve never been able to enjoy.
The perils of secrecy
Is the wolverine, the country’s most enigmatic predator, in danger of extinction, or just misunderstood?
Advice from a horse
An HCN intern goes for a backcountry horse ride, and learns that while sharing trails can be a challenge, the payoff is worth it.
In the Arizona desert, feathers are flying
Bald eagles are about to be delisted, but conservationists and the Fish and Wildlife Service are battling over whether Arizona's desert-nesting eagles should be kept under the wing of the Endangered Species Act.
Can Congress drag the 1872 Mining Law into the 21st century?
A new bill would end 130 years of public land giveaways and reform one of the West's most antiquated -- and harmful -- laws.
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