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The life of a fire lookout is one of the senses
The life of a fire lookout is one of the senses
A former lookout finds the woman who used to guard her tower.
Lust for fungi
Lust for fungi
A writer has a holy experience while mushroom hunting in southern Oregon.
Fifty summers and 360 degrees
Nancy Hood has spent 50 summers watching for fires from lookouts in the smoky Siskiyou Mountains of Northern California.
CSI: Critter Crime
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife’s forensic lab in Ashland, Ore., tackles wildlife crime from around the world.
My, what a small family tree you have
In the Northern Rockies, gray wolves may be in danger of inbreeding.
The new land rush
In the Rocky Mountain West, old mining claims are suddenly the newest real estate hot spots.
John Nichols and his 19th miracle
Writer John Nichols is still fighting the good fight in Taos, N.M.
Weathering the academic storm
Dan Donato, whose controversial study on salvage logging sparked an academic firestorm, talks about his research and all it provoked
Oregon internees to get honorary degrees
Japanese Americans forced to leave college during World War II will get a "symbolic apology."
Ravens to threaten tortoises nevermore
The U.S. FIsh and Wildlife Service is pondering ways to protect rare desert tortoise from ravenous ravens.
The Klamath dams by the numbers
A new report shows salmon-killing dams would cost less to remove than to keep.
Lewis’ Web
Wyoming microbiologist Randy Lewis is fascinated by spiders – particularly by the remarkable silk they produce.
The Gila's Monster
Along the upper Gila in New Mexico, conservationists and the state squabble over managing the river's water.
A wolf’s life
The wolf known as B-7 – the last surviving member of a group of Canadian wolves released in Idaho in 1995 – has died.
Help is on the way for the nation’s forest workers
The Forest Service is making changes that promise to improve the quality of life for the workers who thin and restore the nation's forests.
Dear Friends
HCN hosts panel discussion in Berkeley about the West’s political future; notes from readers Mark Salvo and Michael Green.
Dear Friends
New winter interns Erin Halcomb and Michelle Blank; HCN wins Utne press award; Crystal Zevon visits; corrections.
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