Items by Erik Ryberg

How I learned to love logging
The writer takes an ironic look at the Thunderbolt timber sale in Idaho, and at Boise Cascade's conviction that only logging can save the endangered chinook salmon.
Logging opponents lose - again
Twelve Cove/Mallard timber-sale protesters are convicted in Moscow, Idaho.
Landslide kills fish, raises questions
A thunderstorm washes out streams and kills fish in Idaho's Boise and Crooked rivers.
Salvage logging means deep cuts
The rescissions bill signed by President Clinton calls for huge amounts of salvage timber to be cut.
Forest Service wants to play by a new set of rules
The Forest Service proposes changes in the National Forest Management Act which environmentalists worry will weaken an important law.
Forest Service accomplishes appeal-proof timber sales
Activists claim the Forest Service's revised timber sale procedures make appeals almost impossible.
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