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Books for lonely times
Books for lonely times
When you're camped all alone in the wilderness, there is nothing like a book to bring you comfort.
Invading the silence
Invading the silence
Annie Proulx talks about Wyoming's Red Desert along with photographs by Martin Stupich.
The desert that breaks Annie Proulx’s heart
The desert that breaks Annie Proulx’s heart
Writer Annie Proulx takes an unsentimental view of Wyoming’s little-known and somewhat scarred Red Desert.
The invisible man
Chilean guest-worker Ricardo Arriagada herds goats that eat weeds to help prevent brush fires in Hercules, Calif.
When war came home
Ivan Doig’s new novel, The Eleventh Man, follows a Montana man across the globe during World War II.
Longing for a buried past
Rick Bass’ new short story collection, The Lives of Rocks, proves that his fierce environmental activism has not diminished the intensity of his storytelling genius
Under the radar
Homeless families aren’t found only in urban areas. They’re also struggling to survive in the rural West, as shown by the story of Barbara Trivitt and her two children, who lived in a Jeep in Coos Bay, Oregon, this fall.
Alone with a radio phone
The writer lives in the mountains, alone with a radiophone
State of Jefferson: A place apart
Brian Peterson considers himself the interim governor of the State of Jefferson, an area in Northern California and southern Oregon that has been talking about secession since the early 1940s
A tribal renaissance
In Blood Struggle, law professor Charles Wilkinson gives an inspiring account of Indians’ political and legal struggles during the last 50 years
Tribe brings on the tourists
The Hualapai Tribe has ambitious plans for Grand Canyon West, a tourist destination on its remote reservation bordering the Grand Canyon
'Green' seal of approval considered for national forests
The Forest Service is considering "green" certification for timber produced on the national forests, but environmentalists fear it's a form of greenwashing that will wrongly legitimize public-land logging
BLM boosts winter drilling
The BLM wants to allow oil and gas companies to drill near Pinedale, Wyo., in wintertime, and some conservationists think the change may actually help declining mule deer populations
Sheepherders flock to better-paying jobs
Wyoming lawmakers are trying to pass a law to prevent sheepherders from quitting their jobs without notice in search of better-paying employment
Agriculture gets a half-step greener
Protected Harvest is a nonprofit that offers certification to farmers who are interested in more eco-friendly practices, but not willing to become organic
Congress loosens organic standards
Large-scale organic food producers have beaten back an attempt to strengthen national organic standards
Eastern Sierra counties seek sustainable growth
A land-exchange plan especially designed for California’s Eastern Sierra could help prevent development controversies such as the current one over the proposed Whitney Portal project near scenic Lone Pine
Oil drillers get 'one-stop shopping' at no extra cost
A provision in the new energy bill promises funding to speed up the oil and gas permitting process in BLM offices – without costing the industry an extra penny
Will the BLM Web site shutdown ever end?
The BLM’s failure to plug security holes in its computers, especially those dealing with Indian trust fund accounts, means that most of the agency’s Web sites have been closed to the public for the past six months
Forest Service greases the skids for oil and gas
The Forest Service wants to create a new type of "categorical exclusion" to make it easier for oil and gas drilling projects to be approved without environmental study or public input
Toothy nuisance moves north
Nutria, destructive beaver-like mammals from South America, are moving into the Skagit River Valley of northwestern Washington, and some believe a warming climate is to blame
Salvage logging speeds up
With the Forest Service’s Biscuit Fire salvage logging program acknowledged to be a failure, Oregon Reps. Greg Walden and Gordon Smith want to speed up future post-fire logging
Dear friends
Books for Folks in New Orleans; fall interns Emma Brown and Michelle Burkhart; clarifications and corrections
Agency slashes critical habitat for salmon
Faced with a lawsuit by the National Association of Home Builders, NOAA Fisheries decides to strip protections from four-fifths of the currently designated critical habitat for salmon
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