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Voters say yes to elk, no to takings, jets
In the Nov. 7 elections, environmental initiatives, like other initiatives, lost if they would have cost taxpayers money.
Writers for Utah wilderness
"Testimony," a collection of essays and poems by 20 Western writers, hopes to influence legislators to save Utah wilderness.
Warriors: Navajo Code Talkers
Japanese-born photographer Kenji Kawano documents the Navajo Marines' "code talkers" of World War II in a new book.
Tables turned on Catron County leader
Two government employees sued by Catron County wise-use leader Dick Manning file their own case against him for harassment and malicious prosecution.
Heard Around The West
Annoying boldface type; Patricia McColm's lawsuits; real estate ruckuses; driving is faster than flying DIA; preserving WPPSS; Belarussians in Utah Wal-Mart; lobster kidnapping; canola oil exhaust and bears; life is less fun.
The disagreement is total
Would-be miner Ron Pene and the BLM disagree on Westwater Canyon's wilderness.
To save a Utah canyon, a BLM ranger quits and turns activist
Former BLM ranger Skip Edwards fights to preserve Utah's Westwater Canyon as wilderness at the same time that miner Ron Pene seeks to develop his family's mining claims in the canyon.
Fund raising in parks takes a collection box, and a lawyer
Fund-raising and free speech regulations in the national parks affect both secular and religious groups.
Heard around the West
Cows poisoned; antler poaching; brucellosis logo in Yellowstone; overheated black-footed ferrets die; beef fudge recipe; prison near Norwood, Colo., school; salvage logging protest; "drive-through' Ph.D.; Harry Merlo's successor; recreation bulldozing.
The USDA flexes its antitrust muscle
The Department of Agriculture investigates one of the nation's largest meatpackers, IBP Inc., for antitrust violations.
Navajo Nation bails out timber mill
The Navajo Nation fires remaining workers at its defunct sawmill and bails out Navajo forest products housing.
Heard around the West
Greens spend little time in sports, Shirley MacLaine bucks karma, Utah Rep. Jim Hansen turns chicken, Lake Powell is full of s--, blimps over Grand Canyon, former Idaho Sen. James McClure lobbies for ESA, SUWA accused of overreacting, Navajos' blue jeans
For guilt-free wilderness trips
A list of groups that teach wilderness-users to go "light on the land."
The road to wilderness is paved with outdoor magazines
Critics say outdoor magazines such as "Outside" and "Backpacker" exploit the wild places they write about.
Nobody's home in resort towns
The vacancy rate in Colorado resort towns grows as more houses are bought for seldom-used second homes.
HCN's tough underbelly
Former HCN interns share memories and offer updates on their lives since the paper.
New prints on wolves
Reviews of "Wolf Wars," "War Against the Wolf," and "The Company of Wolves."
Militias busting rural budgets
County officials where militias are active begin to feel the cost in law enforcement and legal fees, as well as in fewer tourists.
When Tuttle walks, will they listen?
Activist Larry Tuttle begins on 1,872 mile walk from Oregon to Colorado to raise support for reform of the 1872 Mining Law.
County votes to control private-land logging
Costilla County in Colorado's San Luis Valley is trying to prevent a rancher from logging trees at the top of the watershed.
Wyoming refuses to join rebels
A meeting of Wyoming's governor and other state officials with Nye County, Nev., wise-use rebels falls through after unwelcome publicity from the Wyoming Outdoor Council.
Citizen action gets results
Texaco agrees to clean up North Platte River pollution from a defunct oil refinery after Sierra Club sues.
Californians talk too much trash
California retirees Ken and Pat Nute alienate neighbors by describing local houses as eyesores and the town as a dump, on a local TV show.
Shrinking salmon
As salmon runs in the Northwest diminish, the size of individual fish decreases too.
A question of logging
Wilderness Society president Jon Roush is blasted for selling $140,000 worth of timber from his Western ranch.
Bleak future for cutthroat
Fishery experts say there's no way to eliminate the illegally planted lake trout that are killing native cutthroat in Yellowstone Lake.
Will the bill's authors please stand?
A memo shows lobbyists wrote most of a bill scaling back the Endangered Species Act.
Wild again
All 14 reintroduced Yellowstone wolves take to the wild.
Big groups drop appeal
A coalition of major environmental groups decides not to appeal Clinton's Option Nine Northwest forest plan.
Forest Service lops off timber task force
The Forest Service disbands its elite Timber Theft Task Force.
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