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What goes around, comes around
Nye County, Nev., county-movement leader Dick Manning loses two lawsuits in court.
Forests worth fighting for
A state-by-state look at some of the West's most controversial timber sales describes what activists are doing to fight them.
Prayers generate hope and bring showers
The drought helps spur a religious resurgence for traditional Navajos, as shown by a ceremony on Colorado's Hesperus Peak, one of the Four Sacred Mountains in Navajo lore.
Drought has Navajos discussing a taboo subject - range reform
The Southwest's drought has Navajos discussing overgrazing on the reservation and the need for range reform.
No pay for pooches
Defenders of Wildlife, which compensates ranchers for livestock killed by wolves, says it cannot compensate for pets killed by wolves.
Fire sweeps through the Southwest
The Southwest's drought brings an early and ferocious forest fire season.
Spreading the gospel
The number and variety of outdoor education programs has increased dramatically in the last 25 years.
The big dogs: Outward Bound and NOLS hit their thirties
The National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) and Outward Bound are the biggest outdoor education schools in the West.
Acting for the environment
A Northwest conservation and outdoor recreation group, The Mountaineers, educates children by sending actors such as Loren Foss into schools, who teach by assuming character roles such as "Old John."
Wildflowers made easy
G.K. Guennel's two-volume "Guide to Colorado Wildflowers" makes plant identification easy.
Heard Around the West
Tot finds dinosaur egg, N.M. governor finds jokes about hwy. dept. ot funny, lights on Hwy. 666 in N.M. save lives, Washington roads made of old tires burst into flames, Nevada's "extraterrestrial hwy.," and classic hwy. story from Montana.
Santa Fe residents win ski area fight
The controversial expansion of the Santa Fe Ski Area into a mountain basin called the Tesuque hits a legal snag when regional forester Charles Cartwright orders the original approval ruling to be reconsidered.
Indian gaming still in legal muddle
The Supreme Court's decision in "Seminole vs. the State of Florida" is a clear victory for states' rights but a muddle for Indian gaming.
Utah's Burr Trail still leads to court
The Park Service sues Garfield County, Utah, after a road crew repairing the Burr Trail bulldozes a hillside inside the boundaries at Capitol Reef National Park.
Deadwood pays dearly for gambling riches
Legalized gambling in Deadwood, S.D., has brought prosperity but destroyed a community in the process.
Navajos say no - then maybe - to casinos
Navajos are undecided about whether to legalize gambling with all its potential money - and many problems.
I made $52,000 in 1994 and never bought a pair of shoes that whole year
In her own words, an anonymous gambler describes how she got hooked on gambling at Arizona's Fort McDowell.
Life is a game, but bingo is serious
Modern Indian gambling began with a lawsuit over bingo at New York's Oneida Nation, and bingo continues to be important to the tribe.
Gambling: A tribe hits the jackpot
Gambling at Arizona's Fort McDowell has taken the Yavapai Indians from poverty to wealth in just three years.
Flooding: Whose fault?
Environmentalists say manmade causes such as logging and road-building contributed to flooding and landslides in the Northwest during a wet winter.
Santa Fe ski area growth enrages locals
Local Native Americans, Hispanics and Anglos share outrage at the Forest Service's approval of the Santa Fe Ski Area's Big Tesuque expansion.
Ski workers look for a home
If the Adam's Rib ski resort is built, western Colorado's already displaced workers will have to commute even farther to find a place to live.
Jury convicts a grave robber
Oregon resident Jack Lee Harelson is found guilty of looting an Indian burial cave in Nevada, and pothunter Earl Shumway is sentenced in Utah to six-and-one-half years.
Welcome back (with a bang)
FBI has no suspects in bombing of Espanola, N.M., Forest Service office Jan. 8.
Move to repeal logging rider gathers speed
The salvage logging rider faces possible repeal in Congress.
Fire on the mountain
The film "Fire on the Mountain" traces the history of WWII's famous 10th Mountain Division, veterans of which founded ski resorts and became prominent environmentalists and outdoor educators.
Organizations from 'Get a gun' to 'No way'
A list of organizations that hold positions from pro-hunting through neutral to anti-hunting.
The politics of hunting creates fluidalliances
There are organizations with positions on hunting ranging from one extreme to another.
Forget cattle, the money's in the buck
Rancher Milo Hanson tours North America to show off his record-breaking whitetail deer rack.
Outfitters take aim at four-wheelers
Colorado outfitters call for a restriction on the use of all-terrain vehicles on public lands.
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