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The delegation's bill gets shellacked
In a surprise move that delighted environmentalists, Utah Republican James Hansen is forced to withdraw his delegation's wilderness bill from the House debate.
Thou shalt not build a dam
Pueblo Bishop Arthur Tafoya agrees with the Catholic Human Development Commission that the Animas-La Plata water project is wasteful and destructive.
Heard Around the West
Second-rate national parks, "virtual" national parks, not ruthless feds, Barbara Cubin's woes, Catherine Crabill rails against greenies, Arizona Gov. Fife Symington willing to shoot spotted owls, jobs available in Aspen.
Dam project called a "bungle' and a "porker'
The Catholic Diocese of Pueblo, Colo., blasts the proposed Animas-La Plata water project as an "environmental, economic and social bungle."
Heard Around the West
Utah Rep. James Hansen's troubles; Yellowstone not crowded enough?; Republicans' "green" image; Idaho potato festival; pedestrian conference in Boulder; Italian bees in Wyoming; Indians protest baseball team names.
Dear Friends
Bear in Paonia, research fund, addendum.
Heard around the West
Nike ads, MTV in Utah, toll attendants on Navajo lands, French tourists in Utah, DIA woes, cows in suburbia, freon in Arizona.
Heard Around the West
Was Jim Peacock kidnapped?, Wandering moose, California exodus slows, Montana log cabin for sale with militia included, is "Rock feature" archaeology or rocks?, Natural Bridges gets phones.
Dear Friends
Larry Tuttle ends 1,872-mile walk; Karl Hess Jr. visits; other visitors; advertising; name confusion.
Life on the edge
"Life on the Edge: A Guide to California's Endangered Natural Resources" is reviewed.
Heard Around The West
Annoying boldface type; Patricia McColm's lawsuits; real estate ruckuses; driving is faster than flying DIA; preserving WPPSS; Belarussians in Utah Wal-Mart; lobster kidnapping; canola oil exhaust and bears; life is less fun.
Heard around the West
Cows poisoned; antler poaching; brucellosis logo in Yellowstone; overheated black-footed ferrets die; beef fudge recipe; prison near Norwood, Colo., school; salvage logging protest; "drive-through' Ph.D.; Harry Merlo's successor; recreation bulldozing.
Dear friends
HCN anniversary in Lander, Rick and Heather Knight present award to HCN, new interns Heather Abel and Warren Cornwall.
Dear readers
High Country News plans its 25th anniversary celebration in Lander, Wyoming.
Heard around the West
Greens spend little time in sports, Shirley MacLaine bucks karma, Utah Rep. Jim Hansen turns chicken, Lake Powell is full of s--, blimps over Grand Canyon, former Idaho Sen. James McClure lobbies for ESA, SUWA accused of overreacting, Navajos' blue jeans
How to get rural people to stand proud and tall
The second annual meeting of the Sierra Nevada Alliance attracts activists including David Brower and Andrea Lawrence.
Heard around the West
Camping on Green River 20 years, hog raising in Clark County, Wash., Arizona shows what it can do, federal land managers shoot guns rarely, porcupine race in Oregon, pity poor Texas, rodeo cowboys' unions, RV hardships.
Tom Bell: outraged by the outrageous
Altamont is the rural West in microcosm, writer says.
Tilley was a Westerner
A review of "Genius in Disguise: Harold Ross of The New Yorker" by Thomas Kunkel.
The spoken word
Audio cassettes of Western authors reading their books are reviewed.
A progressive bureaucrat signs off
Ed Marston interviews HCN reader Daniel Beard, who resigns as Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Sept. 1.
Xerox copiers and black helicopters
A tongue-in-cheek consideration of Colorado Republican Scott McInnis' search for waste at the Department of Interior, the closing of national parks and the Christian Coalition's involvement in both.
Deconstructing the rural West
An article by Patrick Jobes in "Western Planner" offers a profoundly pessimistic view of the West's growing amenity towns.
Just a moment! Can we learn from a bogus book?
A review of Gregg Easterbrook's "A Moment on the Earth: The Coming Age of Environmental Optimism" exposes it as a destructuve, inaccurate polemic against environmentalists.
Heard Around the West
A digest of news reports on militias and the reaction to them in the West in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing.
Heard around the West
A digest of two weeks' worth of news clips and press releases around the West.
It's deja vu yet again, says Bruce Babbitt
Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt is philosophical about his problems, saying that the current Western uprising "isn't a revolution, it's a repetition."
Unlikely reformer: Can sinful Las Vegas help change the West?
Despite its "sinful past," Las Vegas is becoming progressive in the areas of wages and water.
Forest's real estate urge goes year-round
Gunnison Forest Supervisor Bob Storch creates another access controversy in western Colorado by giving a road-plowing permit.
Dear friends
Death of reporter Jim Stiak; HCN board meeting report; Cascadia Times; Visitors.
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