Items by Ed Marston

Dear friends
A very good year for HCN; January HCN board meeting in St. George, Utah.
Dear friends
"Colorado Central" magazine's fifth birthday; Denzel Ferguson died; Y2K in Paonia, Colo.; how to combat junk mail.
Dear Friends
Tony Davis and Mo Udall; HCN's a real Western newspaper; Gary Vinyard's death a great loss; water for life; circulation is up; Salida fire; winter interns Rebecca Clarren and Juniper Davis.
A paradise resettled and a community lost
"Old Fences, New Neighbors" by Peter R. Decker, looks at the author's home of Ridgway, Colo., as a community in rapid transition.
Dear Friends
Research fund; sweeps month for print media; the Pueblo potluck and board meeting; new intern Gabriel Ross; fall visitors.
Musings on the Big Sky
"Montana Ghost Dance: Essays on Land and Life," by John B. Wright, is reviewed.
How the Canyon Became Grand
Stephen J. Pyne's book, "How the Canyon Became Grand," is reviewed.
Not boring, not befuddling
Earthlaw, a public interest law firm in Denver, works for the environment with a sense of humor and even writes literate press releases.
Dear Friends
Radio High Country News; new director of marketing Steve Mandell; "Adirondack Explorer"; visitors, volunteers.
Dear Friends
Skipped issue; Paonia's Fourth of July; odds and ends; visitors.
A lively memoir out of the National Park Service
Bill Everhart's "Take Down Flag & Feed Horses" offers a refreshing view of life with the National Park Service, especially in Yellowstone National Park.
Dear Friends
Bill McDonald wins MacArthur grant; lively times in Salt Lake City, and the HCN board meeting there; Richard Ingebretsen; wilderness rally in Grand Junction.
Dear Friends
Telluride Mountain Film Festival; visitors; intern Jennifer Chergo; CU professors visit; apricots; Deborah Ham obituary.
Dear Friends
Upcoming Salt Lake City potluck; visitors; HCN needs volunteers; new office sign; books by HCN readers; correction; summer intern Taffeta Elliott
Dear Friends
Rearranging a crowded office; springtime visitors; Michelle Nijhuis stays, Peter Chilson leaves; working assets grant applied for.
A fiery Wyoming newspaper pursues the state's fat cats
John Jolley's "Grassroots Advocate," published in Casper, Wyo., serves as a determined gadfly to the state and the federal government.
The working West: grassroots groups and their newsletters
The many newsletters put out by small environmental grassroots groups reveal a West that is complex, quirky and deeply committed.
The old West is going under
An introduction to HCN's special issue says that the old extractive West is on its deathbed.
Dear Friends
Questions and visitors; an evening with Stewart Udall; HCN in Awake!
Dear Friends
Postal stuff; Lynda Taylor leaves HCN board; Dustin Solberg returns; visitors; Great Basin magazine ends.
Show me the science
Club 20's report on "The Decline of the Aspen" fails to convince that the only way to save western Colorado's aspen groves is to log them.
Dear Friends
Congratulations to Greg Hanscom and Tara Thomas and others; newsletters galore; mailing list policy.
Olympic onslaught: Salt Lake City braces for the winter games
An introduction to the issue points out that Salt Lake City's intense and seemingly uncontrolled growth actually stems from deliberately planning - both to develop the city and to prepare for the Olympics.
Dear Friends
Old and older Aspen (Sam Caudill); other news and visitors; junkyard dogs (Marlene Zanetell); Selcraig's correct e-mail address.
Quincy comes up short
University of California Professor Timothy P. Duane compares the Quincy Library Group with another California consensus group on the Yuba River watershed, and finds fault with the Quincy Group.
Dear Friends
Tucson potluck; 18,500 readers; Malpai Borderlands Group; calling all newsletters; freelancer doings; Big Velvet corrections.
Dear friends
Kevin Markey visits; more visitors; congratulations, Skip Edwards and Margaret Murie; winter intern J.T. Thomas.
Use this book to get under the West's skin
"Atlas of the New West" explores a rapidly changing place with maps and thoughtful essays, and it can also direct you to a rodeo, or to the nearest copy of The New York Times.
Dear friends
El Nino 1, Denver 0; writers and visitors; for youth; corrections on Reisner story.
Drain Lake Powell? Democracy and science finally come West
The proposal to drain Lake Powell is exhilarating because of the debate it will inspire.
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