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An electric-power giant is poised to fail
An electric-power giant is poised to fail
A radical change could be coming to the way electric co-ops across the country do business.
Learning to bend: Settling Utah's road wars
Learning to bend: Settling Utah's road wars
A book review of Roads in the Wilderness: Conflict in Canyon Country by Jedediah S. Rogers
A final hats off to rancher Doc Hatfield
A final hats off to rancher Doc Hatfield
With the help of his wife, Connie, and a bunch of determined fellow ranchers, the late Doc Hatfield helped change the face of public-lands ranching in the West.
The genesis of the West
The genesis of the West
Douglas Brinkley's magisterial The Wilderness Warrior describes how Teddy Roosevelt created the American West we love today.
Primer 4: Water
Former HCN publisher concludes that those who live in the West must accept its unpredictability.
A corps of visitors, not discoverers
In Lewis and Clark Through Indian Eyes, the late historian Alvin Josephy Jr. has assembled essays by nine Indian writers who examine the Corps of Discovery from the other side of the cultural looking glass
HCN says farewell to an old friend
Herman Warsh, a beloved former HCN board member and longtime supporter of the paper, is dead
It's the West's turn to call the shots
The neglected, underestimated Interior West might plant the seeds of change for the current American empire
It’s the West’s turn to call the shots
The writer sees political leadership emerging from the West, a region disdained by the Eastern establishment.
Now that we’ve clear-cut the Forest Service…
The writer once suggested that the U.S. Forest Service clear-cut itself; to his surprise, it did
Colorado voters snub coal for all things renewable
The board member of a small electric utility opines that the wind power mandate of Colorado's Amendment 37 is good for the energy industry, despite the utilities' resistance
Colorado snubs coal for all things renewable
The writer cheers Colorado voters who pushed renewable energy onto the stodgy producers of electricity
Thank you, Sierra Club
The writer thanks the Sierra Club for engaging us in a conversation about immigration and how many Americans are too many
Some trees inspire true love
Ed Marston tells a love story about one of the West’s embattled trees
The EPA needs an urban pit bull
Putting Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency is like using a goldfish to guard a junkyard
The EPA needs an urban pit bull
Ed Marston believes Utah"s Gov. Leavitt is an inappropriate choice to head the EPA.
Westerners must be fire-starters as well as firefighters
Fire specialist Stephen Pyne’s new book, Smokechasing, is a brilliant and thoughtful collection of essays on a topic he knows very well
Westerners must be fire-starters as well as firefighters
Ed Marston reviews fire-guru Stephen Pyne’s latest book, Smokechasing, and agrees that we’ve got to learn to live with wildfire in the West.
Republicans wave guns, but where’s the butter?
Back in the 1960s, both guns and butter were part of the agenda in the Interior West and the nation; now, as a talk by Colorado Rep. Scott McInnis reveals, guns seem to be the only thing the Bush administration cares about
The West's negligent landlord
Ed Marston says the West has a negligent landlord
For wet or for dry
A one-time New Yorker wonders if he will still love his Western home, if the drought continues and the landscape he loves keeps changing before his eyes.
A lesson in aridity from Wallace Stegner
The late writer Wallace Stegner tried to tell us years ago that Westerners live in an arid region, and we need to adapt to it
The son of immigrants has a change of heart
A talk with the patriarch of a large Mexican family leads the writer to reconsider his former pro-immigration stance
The bedbug letter, as it applies to overpopulation
The son of immigrants reconsiders his pro-immigration stance after talking to the patriarch of a very large Mexican family
We all have a dog in grazing fight Ranchers grow good food, strong communities Recreation is more harmful than ranching? It's Marston who ignores science Find common ground on ranching Time to ride into the sunset, Marston Is vegetariani
Ranching conference secrets revealed!
The landmark conference "Ranching West of the 100th Meridian" is now available on four videotapes.
Cow-free crowd ignores science, sprawl
Welfare Ranching’s authors, George Wuerthner and Mollie Matteson, are romantics who ignore the threat of sprawl and the studies of scientists in their quest to ban all cattle grazing on the West’s public lands.
Why I'm thankful this Thanksgiving
The things I am thankful for this week are still there: family, health, work, life in the rural West. But I have to scratch beneath world events to find them. I can no longer live as if my well-being depended only on me.
Farewell, Blazin' Ben
One-time Olympic runner Ben Eastman dies at the age of 91 in Hotchkiss, Colo.
Retiring to work
Every day I'd leave high school about noon, take the subway to 23rd Street, run down to the basement cafeteria for a nutritious company meal, and then sort and deliver mail.
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