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The Wayward West
Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Mgmt. Project may die in four months; Supreme Court overrules 13 cases decided by 9th Circuit Court; Summo USA drops mining claims in N.M.; Mont.'s McDonald gold mine is in paperwork limbo; Atlas uranium tailings remain.
The Wayward West
Inholdings making up 12 percent of Calif.'s Mojave Nat'l Preserve for sale; 7 of 11 re-introduced Mexican wolves still alive in Southwest; USFWS proposes listing Canada lynx as "threatened"; USFS plans to log Oregon's watershed; L-P still owes money.
Utah finds 3 million more wild acres
Utah Wilderness Coalition volunteers, doing a re-inventory of BLM lands left out of a previous wilderness proposal, come up with 3 million more acres, making a total of 8.5 million acres that activists say should be protected as wilderness.
Takings clarified
Law professor William Michael Treanor has written a booklet to clarify "takings" issues, "The Original Understanding of the Takings Clause."
Judges get FREE lessons on property rights
Some say that the seminars for judges hosted by economist John Baden's group FREE (Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment) are biased toward a right-wing property-rights advocacy.
Judge disciplines L-P
Louisiana-Pacific is fined $37 million for breaking environmental laws at its Olathe, Colo., waferboard plant, and also for selling a product that did not meet the company's claim.
The Wayward West
Idaho debates four Snake River dams; no flood in Grand Canyon this spring; no jet-skiers protest in Canyonlands; Cove-Mallard protesters sentenced; WIPP gets license to store nuclear waste; oil and gas industry sues over ban protecting Rocky Mtn. Front.
The Wayward West
Mexican gray wolves released on AZ-NM border; Sen. Larry Craig adds logging rider to bill; Gov. Leavitt says foes of new monument must pay for fight; Nev. bomb tests pricey; Idaho's Owyhee Canyon not yet open; Danns in Nevada still graze without permit.
Foreign forests keep mills alive
Some mills in Oregon stay busy even as fewer trees are cut in the U.S. by milling imported logs.
GAO knocks Forest Service again
The General Accounting Office once again takes the Forest Service to task for inefficiency and waste.
Timber town opts for water over logs
The small timber town of Detroit, Ore., turns its back on its logging history to protect its watershed from clear-cutting.
The Wayward West
Nez Perce fire wolf man Timm Kaminski; Helen Chenoweth defends property rights; Zortman-Landusky mine closes; Utah's Lisbon Valley mine going ahead; Victor, Colo., gold mine must come clean.
Locals protest Vail expansion
Locals and critics charge that Vail Associates is using a ski area expansion as an excuse to develop the area and sell valuable real estate at the expense of elk and lynx habitat.
The Wayward West
Idaho Gov. Phil Batt defends state; Stone Container Corp. settlement; Oregon's Wes Cooley back again; Rep. Chris Cannon loves Lake Powell; USFS buys Valles Caldera in New Mexico.
Cove-Mallard warms up for another summer
As the Forest Service gets a court OK to resume logging in Idaho's Cove-Mallard, activists resume protesting and getting arrested.
Tailings pile makes waves
The Nuclear Regulatory Agency's decision to cap 130 acres of radioactive debris with dirt on the bank of the Colorado River near Moab, Utah, angers local residents.
DIA's skies aren't friendly
Citizens About Airport Noise, Environment and Safety protest Denver International Airport.
A lie this big
John Talbott, director of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, is caught fishing without a license - and then caught forging a license.
One less voice
After 17 years, the Utah Wilderness Association closes its doors because of staff departures and financial troubles.
Subterranean terror
A brochure and video called "Abandoned Mines, Stay Out and Stay Alive," seeks to educate people about the dangers of unreclaimed abandoned mines.
BuRec gets a new leader
Former New Mexico State Engineer Eluid Martinez will replace Dan Beard as commissioner of the Bureau of Reclamation.
For seven days, it will flood
A controlled week-long flood through the Grand Canyon may help restore some of the beaches, sandbars and humpback chub fish harmed by Glen Canyon Dam.
Colorado ski area dumps all over trout stream
Colorado's Winter Park Ski Area denies the Forest Service's charge that it packed Little Vasquez Creek with snow and possibly wiped out the stream's cutthroat trout.
Wolf from Canada killed by U.S. red tape
A captured Canadian wolf destined for release in Idaho is killed after biting a biologist's thumb.
The Northwest's new economy
Economist Tom Powers' report, "Economic Well-being and Environmental Protection in the Pacific Northwest," says the region is thriving despite dire predictions.
Environmentalists say agency uses them as scapegoats
New Mexico Hispanics argue with environmentalists over firewood-gathering restrictions on national forests.
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