Items by Devin Odell

The sublime delight of backtracking
For 20 years, David Bertelsen has been in love with the same five-mile trail up Finger Rock Canyon north of Tucson, keeping track of its animal and plant life and watching out for the well-being of a fragile landscape.
Can coal burn cleanly?
To help coal survive as the nation's number one source of electricity, the federal government subsidizes a wide range of clean-coal research programs.
Utah takes aim at the Olympics, and at Colorado ski areas
The taxpayers of Utah have decided to enter one of the most demanding and expensive international competitions -- the contest to host the winter Olympic Games.
Oil exploration foes hope to lock up the Bridger-Teton
Critics charge that planners created a giant hole in the protection of the forest: Almost all its non-wilderness lands will be open to potential oil and gas development.
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