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A coffee entrepreneur's unlikely success story
My 15 years with that flaming guy
My 15 years with that flaming guy
Burning Man is becoming middle-aged, but still more fun than you can dream of.
Nature fierce and not so pretty
Nature fierce and not so pretty
Spend enough time around a bird feeder, and you’ll realize that nature is less like a poetic cartoon and more like a gritty crime novel by someone like Elmore Leonard.
The adolescent West
The adolescent West
Logan, Utah, needs to get over its adolescent angst and decide what it wants to be when it grows up.
Springtime is whine-time
Springtime is whine-time
Spring is the cruelest month in the Rocky Mountain West.
Burning Man was better next year
Burning Man was better next year
Events generally go through a cycle of being original and innovative, then progress to bigger and better, tapering off at last into predictable.
Wind power will blow your mind
Dennis Hinkamp says that even though wind power – like everything else – is bound to have a downside, it’s the right way for us to go.
One oil change ago
Dennis Hinkamp celebrates a long-term relationship in his town
Westerners sure love their mountain monikers
The writer rides high over the region's monogrammed mountains.
Is Brokeback Mountain about the West? Sort of
The writer adds up the ironies and contradictions of the movie everyone keeps talking about — Brokeback Mountain
The unbearable triteness of skiing
Being a non-skier in a skiing-obsessed state like Utah is a lot like being a vegetarian in a slaughterhouse
The unbearable triteness of skiing
The writer, a non-skier, can’t get over the incredible triteness of skiing
Winnebagos: Don't fear 'em, cheer 'em
It’s time for New Westerners to get over their "Winnebagophobia."
How to write a Christmas card — or not
The writer could write a funny Christmas card — if he chose to
What do you do in that little town?
The writer tells what it’s like to live in a dot-sized town in the West
Give a cheer for Winnebagoes
Dennis Hinkamp says his gas-guzzling recreational vehicle is just what the West needs.
Why I love one of Utah’s most remote places
Dennis Hinkamp visits one of Utah’s most secret places
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