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It will be noise as usual in Grand Canyon
The FAA's new rules for overflights at Grand Canyon will not ease the noise problem at all, critics say.
Speak up for a quiet Grand Canyon
People who love the Grand Canyon need to fight to protect the quiet of the park from noisy air-tour flights.
Pack 'em in, Park Service suggests
The Grand Canyon's new general management plan proposes development to accommodate more and more tourists.
The Grand Canyon is just another turbine
The Colorado River through the Grand Canyon rises and falls in lockstep with the West's demand for electric power. Now environmentalists are asking federal power authorities to let the river off its very short leash.
The rural West is actually very urban
The West is empty, but it's not rural. In fact, it is the most urban of all regions, with most of its population living in a few large metropolitan areas.
The 'eternal silence' is shattered
Tourist planes, helicopters and military aircraft make it hard to find peace and quiet in the Grand Canyon.
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