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Saving wildlife, one animal at a time: Veterinarian Kathleen Ramsay
Veterinarian Kathleen Ramsay founded The Wildlife Center in Espanola, N.M., to treat and rehabilitate sick and injured wildlife
Debate rages over fish poisoning
Controversy is raging over the practice of poisoning water -- such as New Mexico's Canones Creek -- in order to kill non-native fish and restore natives such as cutthroat trout.
A county writes strict logging rules
Rio Arriba County, N.M., a pro-logging area, passes a far-reaching law to mandate environmentally responsible logging.
Congress drags its feet on Baca Ranch deal
Congress is slow to act on the chance to purchase and protect New Mexico's Valles Caldera - also known as the Baca Ranch.
Locals rally against logging
In northern New Mexico's Chama Valley, locals protest logging on a Spanish land grant that the logging company claims is private property.
Grazing combatants vow to keep feuding
Babbitt's grazing hearing in Albuquerque runs into barbed wire; he urges cooperation as ranchers and environmentalists dispute.
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