Items by David Williams

Life rises from the ashes, in the form of a humble toad
Ecologist Charlie Crisafulli has spent twenty-five years studying life on Mount St. Helens, especially the boreal toad, which is in decline almost everywhere else, but thriving at the volcano
Seattle embarks on a dramatic experiment in restoration
Ecologists working for the city of Seattle, Wash., are trying to make the second-growth forest of the Cedar River Watershed function ecologically like an old-growth forest
The bees' needs
Golfers are working with conservationists to encourage bees and other native pollinators to inhabit golf courses.
Goose got your gander?
A skyrocketing population of once-uncommon Canada geese has some locals up-in-arms and ready to try lethal methods to bring goose numbers under control.
Roadkill keeps the peace
In Washington's Methow Valley, hunters deliver roadkilled deer to six tribes in an agreement in which the tribe agrees to stop hunting in the valley.
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