Items by David Petersen

When 'hunting' becomes staggeringly stupid
A lifelong hunter fiercely attacks "canned hunting" as "cowardly killing."
Nostalgic for the Pleistocene
The lively scholarly essays collected in "Coming Home to the Pleistocene," by the late Paul Shepard, discuss "human ecology" - the study of human nature and human needs as formed by our evolution alongside wild animals.
Speaking of eating: There is no meat I would rather eat
Excerpt from David Petersen's book, "Elkheart: A Personal Tribute to Wapiti and Their World."
Some hook and bullet magazines hit the mark
A review looks at what's good and bad about the top five American hook-and-bullet magazines.
Outdoor writer aims to change his culture
A review of Ted Williams' "The Insightful Sportsman" reveals a fiercely independent outdoor writer who is not afraid to upset his fellow hunters.
Tough love for hunters
Former "Outdoor Life" editor Stephen Byers, in his own words, on what went wrong at the magazine.
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